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New front wing for Williams: attack on Ferrari in Hungary

New front wing for Williams
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B at the Austrian GP it was already indicated. Williams had moved closer to Ferrari. In the race, however, the speed was not enough to keep Sebastian Vettel in check. Ferrari had to make a mistake at the pit stop to fall behind the Williams. The reason for Williams’s improvement in form was the major Spielberg upgrade, which did not yet work as desired in every detail at the Red Bull Ring.

For the home game in Silverstone, the engineers added a correction to the expansion stage. That fit. Williams drove ahead of Ferrari in practice and in the race. Until the rain came. On a wet track, the Williams drove around the course without a chance. 'That has been our problem for two years,' complains Felipe Massa. 'It's like a switch. As soon as it gets wet, there is no grip at the front and back.'

Budapest has to confirm Silverstone form

Chief Technology Officer Pat Symonds doesn't trust peace yet. 'It was a positive sign that we were ahead of the Ferrari at Silverstone. But we were already strong on this track last year. And also in Austria. The right test for us is the Hungarian GP. Because we were there a year ago did not look so good. If we can repeat the form of Silverstone in Budapest, I want to speak of a trend reversal. '

In order for the team to meet this requirement, a new front wing will be in Arrive in Budapest. It's a whole new concept. Allegedly with excellent wind tunnel values. The Mercedes wing was the model. 'We did some headstands to get it ready for Hungary. Actually it was planned for later in the season,' Symonds praises his production department.

The better World Cup place decides

The front wing is only available as a one-off. Valtteri Bottas is preferred. 'We had a clear rule from the start of the season in case we only have one copy of a development stage with us,' explains Symons. 'Then it goes to the driver who is better placed in the World Championship at the time. If it happens again, it's the other's turn. It is then alternated back and forth.' Massa smiles pained: 'Maybe there won't be a second time this year.'

Parallel to the development of the FW37, Symonds has forced its engineers to finally solve the rain problem that apparently involves theDifficulties that one has had in Monte Carlo in the last two years. Symonds reveals: 'The cancellation of the German GP gave us a little extra time to take a closer look at our weak point. We have a few possible solutions. We will only know whether they are correct, however, when it rains the next time. Or if we come to Monte Carlo. '


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