New F1 car from Maranello: Ferrari SF-23

Ferrari always makes a big secret out of the name of its Formula 1 racers. A week before the presentation, the child finally got a name: Ferrari SF-23.

For most teams, the new Formula 1 cars are simply numbered. In 2010, Sebastian Vettel celebrated his first title in the Red Bull RB6. 13 years later it is now the turn of the RB19. Mercedes hadn't exactly brought luck to the W13. With the W14 everything should be better now. Only with Ferrari you never know exactly what the car is called.

If you look at the past few years, there was not much consistency in the model names. In 2011, the factory racer from Maranello was called "150° Italia". Then it went on with "F2012", "F138", "F14T", "SF15-T", "SF16-H", "SF70H", "SF71H", "SF90", "SF1000" and "SF21". to the "F1-75" last season.

For the new Formula 1 year, a relatively normal name was chosen again. The 2023 company car of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz is simply called "SF-23", which - as you can imagine - is an abbreviation for "Scuderia Ferrari" and the year "2023". So practically like "SF21" from two years ago - but this time with a hyphen. Otherwise it would be too easy.

Unveiling on Valentine's Day

The car will be presented next Tuesday (February 14) in Maranello. The basic work in the factory was still done under team boss Mattia Binotto. The official unveiling will now be directed by Frederic Vasseur as the new leader. "I'm convinced that this team has everything it takes to become world champions. We just have to put the pieces of the puzzle together correctly," the Frenchman said confidently at his first press conference.

Lighter, more reliable, aerodynamically more efficient and with more engine power - this is how the new Ferrari should finally bring a title to Italy again. Most recently, the Tifosi were able to celebrate a constructor's trophy in 2008. Incidentally, the "SF-23" should do the first laps immediately after its presentation on the in-house test track in Fiorano. The real shakedown will then take place in Imola. The red goddess is then packed and put on the plane to Bahrain, where the official test drives begin on February 23.


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