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New complaint from Van der Garde: Sauber paused in the first training session

New lawsuit from Van der Garde
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J a new court hearing every day. First Giedo van der Garde fought for the right to compete for Sauber at the Australian GP. Then the plaintiff and defendant met again in court. The driver accused the team of failing to apply for the super license for him. Which prevented him from taking part on the first day of training.

Apparently, however, until 5 days before the Australian GP, ​​van der Garde did not even have the A license of his national automobile club. And that is the basis for the application for the super license. According to the rules experts, Sauber should at least have reminded his driver to get this A license in good time in order to be able to apply for the super license.

In addition, his contract would have been deposited with the arbitration court in Lausanne have to. Because that didn't happen, van der Garde hopes that the FIA ​​might be able to provide him with the necessary paper overnight to drive on Saturday. The FIA ​​Safety Commission in Geneva is responsible for this.

The proceedings that began on Friday morning are intended to clarify who is really responsible for the dilemma. There was no quick judgment. On Saturday, the process will continue at 9.30 a.m. local time. Apparently both sides are talking now. Van der Garde's lawyer mentioned 'constructive talks' with the racing team.

What is the agenda behind the lawsuits?

The two Sauber stayed in the garage during the first training session because of the unclear legal situation. The test work did not begin until the second training session. The team didn't want to make another legal mistake. Especially since the Melbourne court had already given a list of valuables carried that would be confiscated in an emergency. If that concerns the cars, Sauber would miss the transport to Malaysia, which is dated for the Monday after the Australian GP.

However, that could not be in the interests of Giedo van der Garde if he really intended has to drive for clean. It is therefore further assumed that the Dutchman and his backers are not interested in driving. Conspiracy theorists have a different theory. Namely, the fact that the racing team should be deliberately driven into ruin in order to then take it over cheaply.

Van der Garde in, mechanic out

The comedy on Friday (13.3. 2015) beganthree hours before the start of the first workout. Giedo van der Garde wanted to go to the paddock, but he couldn't. When he held his passport to the barrier, the entrance did not open. Mockers joked: 'Did Bernie Ecclestone flip the switch in London?' 15 minutes later the Dutchman was in the paddock. The team had to help him out.

Van der Garde received an icy silence at Sauber. No hello, no handshake. When he went to his car for a seat rehearsal, almost all the mechanics left the garage demonstratively and sat down in front of the Sauber pavilion for breakfast. Only three mechanics helped the driver to get into Marcus Ericsson's car. The Swede is roughly the size of Van der Garde. He also had to lend him the overalls because there is no driver's suit with the current sponsor stickers for the rebel in the team.

Van der Garde had barely returned to the paddock when the mechanics returned to their workplaces. In the meantime, Sauber had of necessity registered the Dutchman as a replacement for Ericsson with the stewards. They asked for a super license, which van der Garde could not show. With that his mission was done on the first day of training.


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