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New car for McLaren: green light for short nose after paperwork

Michael Schmidt
New car for McLaren
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W while Honda is still on troubleshooting and the next expansion stage postponed for more power to the end of July, McLaren switched to full attack. The MP4-30 underwent a miraculous change between the first and second training sessions for the Austrian GP. At 2 p.m., a completely new car rolled out onto the track.

In the morning, the McLaren looked the same as always. With the old long nose. The short version stayed in the van. During the lunch break, FIA Technical Commissioner Jo Bauer disappeared with a wad of papers in the McLaren box. It was about the crash test with the short nose. 'We still have to do paperwork before we can use them,' said team boss Eric Boullier cautiously.

Another one in Silverstone new chassis

What was it about? Apparently the short nose was tested on Friday of the Canadian Grand Prix with a different type of chassis than the carbon tubes that are used on the race weekend. The paddock radio whispers something about a lightweight chassis that McLaren wants to use at Silverstone. McLaren now had to prove that they would have managed the crash test with the current heavier monocoque.

The new nose gives the MP4-30 a different face. 'It's a new car,' affirmed Boullier. “The only thing that we haven't changed is the side pods.” Then he lists the parts that are new: front wing, rear wing, underbody, diffuser, baffles, engine cover. “In Silverstone, things continue. Then there are new ones Second leg and the lighter chassis. The fact that the remodeled McLaren is celebrating its premiere from the last row of the grid because of the change to the fifth engine is no big deal, according to Boullier /p>


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