New Alfa Romeo C43 will be auctioned

The new Alfa Romeo C43, unveiled at the official presentation in Zurich, goes under the hammer. However, it is only a show car that cannot drive a meter under its own power.

A Formula 1 car is often for sale at the world's major auction houses. However, these are mostly older vehicles that have long been behind their last assignments. After all, the teams don't want to see their modern technology in private hands immediately after it has been taken out of service.

But now fans have the opportunity to purchase a current Formula 1 car on a 1:1 scale. In fact, it's a racing car so new that it hasn't covered a single kilometer on the track. The Alfa Romeo C43 was only presented to the public on Tuesday, now it comes directly under the hammer.

Exact copy of the real C43

This is the original car that was ceremoniously unveiled by the two regular drivers in Zurich. However, as you can imagine, there is one small catch: It is not a real Formula 1 racer with an engine and complete technology, but merely a show car that was manufactured by the company "F1 Authentics".

When the new 2022 regulations were presented, the British company had already produced some non-roadworthy models in 1:1 format. Several teams ordered such fake cars to make them available to their own advertising partners for marketing campaigns. Even Audi bought two show cars to announce its entry into the premier class in 2026. One of them is now in the lobby of the motorsport center in Neuburg.

The previous models were all identical and cost around 120,000 euros each. The Alfa Romeo racer, on the other hand, has an individual shape. According to information from the Sauber racing team, the aerodynamics and the paintwork should correspond almost exactly to the real C43. The team therefore provided the manufacturer with secret computer data from the template at an early stage.

Alfa model without drive

The copy, which weighs around 550 kilograms, was made entirely of carbon, but of course rolls to its new owner without the expensive inner parts of the drive. After all, the front wheels can be moved using the steering wheel made on the 3D printer. A working display was also installed in the steering wheel. The rain light at the rear should also work.

In order to increase the value, the Sauber show car was given chassis number 1. The corresponding plaque was signed by both regular pilots. The package, which is now being auctioned, also includes the racing overalls and shoes worn by Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou at the presentation. They were of course also signed.

If you want to put the show car in your living room as an eye-catcher, you have to hurry. The auction only runs for a total of two weeks. The hammer is supposed to fall on February 21st.


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