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Nasr with a strong qualifying: clean just behind Toro Rosso

Nasr with strong qualifying
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D he qualifying was a journey into the unknown for Felipe Nasr. How would his Sauber C34 handle the supersoft tires? In the three training sessions, Nasr did not reel a lap on the softest of all Pirelli adhesives. As the only one in the field next to Sebastian Vettel. Which made the setup a guessing game.

Nasr with no real clues on Supersoft

There were only a few clues from Marcus Ericsson's car. But Nasr and his crew have found the right answers to the questions about the correct camber values, tire pressures, the front wing setting and the way in which the tires have to be warmed up.

In contrast to his Swedish team-mate, the Brazilian took the hurdle Q1. And finally put his car in 12th place on the grid. The pilot was satisfied after the work was done. 'I got the maximum out of the car. I almost eliminated the one Toro Rosso and the Red Bull.' In his fastest lap of 1: 39.323 minutes, Nasr only missed 11th placed Daniil Kvyat by 0.109 seconds. To make it into the top ten, almost two tenths were missing.

New aero package still needs time

There are good reasons why the Sauber C34 was close to Red Bull and Toro Rosso in qualifying. Although the potential of the new aerodynamics package, which debuted in Singapore, has not yet been fully developed. 'For that we still need time and a smooth weekend in the dry.' First, the car likes the layout and the smooth surface with no bumps. Second, with the Ferrari engine in the rear, Sauber has a big advantage over its Renault-fueled opponents.

Nasr is still not sure whether he will get anything countable on Sunday. 'Points are a different story. With the speed of our car it is difficult to compete with the others in front of us. We depend a little on them.'


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