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Much standstill for Raikkonen: engine problems at Ferrari

Much standstill for Raikkonen
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F errari did not set any distance records on the fifth day of testing in Barcelona. Kimi Raikkonen only turned 72 laps. Only Rio Haryanto and Esteban Gutierrez drove less. Ferrari again spent the morning doing aerodynamic measurements. A huge pressure grille was mounted behind the car. FloViz was used in the front. It doesn't look like Ferrari is convinced of its aerodynamics. There were hardly any new developments on the car.

Few updates on the Ferrari

On the fifth day of testing, the SF16-H only had small changes to the front wing end plates and the diffuser. The week before, Mercedes had presented a new nose and extreme baffles in front of the side pods. And a large rear wing program began on the fifth day of testing. A new type of grand piano is coming to the W07 on Wednesday. Raikkonen's fastest lap on medium tires was 1.24.836 minutes. Nico Rosberg was 0.507 seconds faster on the same type of tire with 1.24.329 minutes.

Despite the massive differences to Mercedes, Raikkonen is optimistic: 'The car feels good. And that is the main thing. We have a good package. Of course we would like to do more laps, but it was never planned to unwind as many kilometers as Mercedes. They drive their program, we ours. '

So far Ferrari has only reached half of the kilometers from Mercedes.

New engines for Vettel

The lap times are not the biggest problem that drives Ferrari. The cars have been in the garage too long. After Raikkonen rolled out on the home straight at 2:50 p.m., he did not appear for 2 hours. The transmission was stuck in eighth gear. Raikkonen said calmly:'Test drives are there to find and solve problems. We have them better now than in Melbourne.'

On the fifth day of testing, the picture from last week continues. So far, Ferrari has only managed half the Mercedes distance. 1,978 are against 3,925 kilometers. Ferrari is officially silent about the many idle times. But the competition has long ears. And then they say that Ferrari already used 3 engines in the first week of testing.

Allegedly there are strong vibrations in the partial load range. That is why the Ferrari drivers are only allowed to drive with reduced power. The customer teams should not be better off. Remedial action should be on the way. You can hear that Sebastian Vettel will be driving a modified engine on Wednesday.

Has the backlog got bigger?

In Italy, the first media are already doubting that Ferrari can challenge Mercedes this year. The defending champion has a car that runs like clockwork. And driving a time with soft tires that is only two tenths of Vettel's record lap on ultrasoft tires. The challenger is grappling with technical problems and has not yet unpacked the awesome idea aerodynamically. A voice from the paddock: 'Ferrari's backlog has not got smaller, but bigger.'

Added to this is the pressure from management. President Sergio Marchionne issued the slogan that Ferrari must have a car that can challenge Mercedes. When asked whether there is too much pressure from above, Raikkonen found a quick-witted answer: 'That is the goal of all of us, not just the boss.'


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