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Motor upgrades in Montreal: New turbocharger for Ferrari

Three engine upgrades in Montreal
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M ontreal is a power route . Engine upgrades make sense. Renault has brought its expansion stage planned for the Canadian GP forward by one race. The Renault V6 Turbo with improved combustion chamber passed its baptism of fire in Monte Carlo with flying colors. In Montreal, both factory drivers and both Red Bull drivers will now enjoy more power and better drivability.

The other 3 manufacturers are also planning with modified drive units for Montreal. The changes at Mercedes relate exclusively to ensuring stability. This is intended to cure the small ailments that the V6 turbo from Brixworth showed in the first 4 races. The next power step is expected for Spa.

Honda with more electrical power

At Ferrari, the new turbochargers should finally come. This is intended to significantly reduce the de-rating in racing. So far, the second part of the straight line has mostly been used to store electrical power via the MGU-H. The new turbines give Ferrari the opportunity to drive more often at maximum power and to lose less power from the combustion engine during charging.

Honda also wants to redeem development tokens. You can hear that these are mainly electrical modifications. This is to optimize the output of the electrical power.


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