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Motor penalty for Alonso in Malaysia: McLaren pulls 2 tokens

Motor penalty for Alonso in Malaysia
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H onda is upgrading one more time. Two tokens for the combustion engine and a lighter exhaust. There are not enough copies of the modified combustion engine. This time Fernando Alonso is preferred. He receives the full package, Jenson Button only half. Only one of the 2 tokens is hidden in the Englishman's drive unit. One that is not one of the 6 components for which the maximum contingent counts.

Button gets Honda upgrade only in Austin

Honda will use the opportunity in Malaysia to replenish Alonso's warehouse. The ex-world champion already has 7 units with the combustion engine, turbocharger, MUG-H and MGU-K. With the battery and power electronics at 6th each.

Jenson Button will follow suit at the GP USA in Austin with the second token and collect his engine fine there. Suzuka is taboo next week. “We don't want any penalties at our home game,” says Alonso. According to the team, the difference between the engine specifications is not decisive for the race. It also serves to improve stability.

McLaren-Honda is now a sure candidate for championship points. “That has to be our goal: Best of the rest. Regularly with two cars in Q3 and in the points. On some routes it will be more difficult, on others it will be easier. It's in our hands now. Even if we don't have the fourth fastest car, like in Singapore. Toro Rosso was better than us there, but we scored maximum points, ”said Alonso with satisfaction.

Alonso wants to repeat Spa catch-up

The Malaysian GP will be an even more difficult task for Alonso . The 32-time GP winner starts from the back because of the engine penalties. Alonso knows the game. In Spa, too, he started the race from the last row and was seventh in the end.

“Spa was the best track to start from behind. Sepang is the second best. The weather or accidents are always a factor that can mess everything up. In Spa I was fifth after 4 laps. I'm optimistic that I can score points in Malaysia as well. ”

Alonso has been waiting for a GP victory since the 2013 Spanish GP. At the moment he has to be content with the 'small victories'. For example 7th place in Singapore: “Realistically speaking, it was the maximum of what we could achieve. Everything had to fit for this: a good start, a good strategy, my experience and abit of luck that cleared a few cars out of our way at the start. But you can also say that none of the top 6 cars were affected by the start-up accident. ”


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