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Modifications during the rain break: What was changed during the break?

Modification in the rain break
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I n next year there will be interventions on the car during a break in the race forbidden. This time the 35-minute break came in handy after 20 laps of the Brazilian GP Mercedes. The front and rear anti-roll bars on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's cars were swapped.

When making the decision on Saturday before qualifying, Mercedes had trimmed both cars for rain in terms of downforce, but not in terms of the mechanical setup . A back door was left open for a dry race.

Modifications at Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull

Thanks to the softer chassis, the car rolled more around the longitudinal axis after the intervention, which the Increased contact surface of the tires. That gives better traction in the rain. Ferrari carried out the same procedure as Mercedes. Red Bull decided against it. The challenger from Mercedes had tuned his cars aerodynamically and mechanically for a rain race from the start.

Nevertheless, one of the Red Bulls was busy working on one. A rear wing end plate on Daniel Ricciardo's vehicle had to be replaced. It was damaged after being touched. This is possible because the Parc Fermé regulations are no longer in force if the race is interrupted.

New parts are either equally heavy or lighter

Nevertheless, all exchanges in the pit lane must be supervised by the FIA and its technical delegates. At Mercedes, Jo Bauer came with a set of scales to check that everything was going well. The new stabilizers had to be either as heavy or lighter than the old ones.

Bauer: “The cars are only weighed after the race. In order to ensure that they were not underweight before the exchange, the new part may at most be equally heavy. If it's lighter and the car is still above the minimum weight, we don't care. ”


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