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Misunderstanding at Red Bull: engine setting costs 2 tenths

Misunderstanding at Red Bull
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H between Mercedes and Ferrari, Red Bull is the third force in Monaco . Engine performance is not quite as critical on the road course as it is on other courses. However, it is not completely insignificant, as Daniel Ricciardo discovered in his last qualifying attempt. There was a misunderstanding between the Australian and the engineers in the pits.

Third place would have been possible

'You thought I was in a different engine mode. That was But I don't. That's why I got the wrong attitude. That cost us around two tenths, 'says Ricciardo. 'After Rascasse came the request to adjust the engine mapping, but it was already too late. At the end of the straight I noticed that I was only in sixth and not even in seventh gear. Then I changed it.' /p>

If the Red Bull driver hadn't given away the two tenths, he would have been third ahead of Sebastian Vettel. 'It's very frustrating,' says the sunny boy. 'We are the most competitive here so far. This is really the last place you need something like this. It happened for the first time. Everything went okay in Q1 and Q2.' h3>

On the street course you drive with maximum downforce. That suits Red Bull. So you don't get to feel the weaknesses of the Renault engine as much. Nevertheless, the engine is all about drivability. 'We took a big step there,' praised Ricciardo Renault. Teammate Daniil Kvyat throws in: 'But we're not where we want to be yet.'


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