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Michelin or Pirelli: Open race for the tire monopoly

Michelin or Pirelli
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M ichelin or Pirelli? Much depends on the answer to this question. If Pirelli keeps the tire contract from 2017, the tires will only get wider. 325 millimeters at the front, 425 millimeters at the rear. If Michelin wins the contract, 18 inch tires are available. And the diameter increases from 660 to 720 millimeters.

The low-profile tires would force the teams to build completely new chassis concepts. Calculations have shown that the cars with the new Pirelli soles alone will be 2.5 seconds faster per lap. The Michelin concept takes 3 seconds.

Todt more for Michelin, Ecclestone prefers Pirelli

The sympathies among the teams should be roughly evenly distributed. For the high-ranking men: Bernie Ecclestone is more on the side of Pirelli, FIA President Jean Todt is more on the side of Michelin. The decision is made by Ecclestone.

But it's not that simple. The FIA ​​has to give the tire manufacturers technical approval. That has already happened. But allegedly Pirelli is to be summoned again after the blown tires from Spa. The key question is: Why do you need higher tire pressures to protect yourself from them?

Pirelli has had a clean slate since Spa. Carlos Sainz's tire blowout during training for the Singapore GP was the result of heavy contact with the wall. The 3 punctures in the starting phase of the Japanese GP resulted from collisions between Daniel Ricciardo and Felipe Massa as well as Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz. But some in the circus are angry with the Mercedes episode in Monza and the measurement of tire pressures on the grid.

Hamilton praises Suzuka- Tires

In Singapore and Suzuka, everyone correctly followed the rules. Since Singapore, the FIA ​​has not only measured the pressures but also the temperatures in electric blankets. So that nobody is cheating. If you boil the tires at 110 degrees for too long, you could easily manipulate the tire pressures.

In the phase of uncertainty, Pirelli is grateful for any praise. The tire men were particularly fond of the comment from Suzuka winner Lewis Hamilton. When asked whether the high air pressures had an impact on the driving behavior and the service life of the tires, the Mercedes driver replied: 'We don't say it often, but the tires were incredible, especially in the last stint. They felt good as good as it has not been in a long timealso felt Sebastian in Singapore. '


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