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Michael Schumacher's racing statistics: 249 times Formula 1: all races, all results

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher's racing statistics
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M ichael Schumacher can look back on a Formula 1 career that is second to none. Not only the fans enjoyed the record hunter for 16 years, statisticians also cheer when they look at the imposing columns of figures. However, not all data are as clear as the seven world championship titles.

For example, scholars argue about the exact number of Grand Prix starts by Michael Schumacher. All numbers from 248 to 250 are traded. This is due to two disputes. One concerns the French GP in 1996. There Schumacher rolled out in the formation lap before the actual start with engine failure. So he didn't take part in the race. Neither did Alain Prost in Imola in 1991 when he spun off the track on the formation lap.

248, 249 or 250 Grand Prix starts for Schumacher?

There are also different views at Schumacher's start in Silverstone in 1999. The record winner had an accident in the Stowe curve on the first lap of the British GP and broke his leg. Logically, he did not participate in the restart. Still we count this Grand Prix. Schumacher was there at the original start. And he can't really break his leg at a Grand Prix that he officially didn't drive.

There is also a parallel to this. Jacques Laffite was involved in a collision at the start of his 176th GP start at Brands Hatch in 1986 and was seriously injured in the process. When the race restarted, the Frenchman was already in hospital. Still, the start counts in all statistics.

All of the Schumacher statistics

With 249 GP starts, Michael Schumacher is the driver with the after Rubens Barrichello (285) and Riccardo Patrese (256) most races. We review his greatest successes and breakdowns race by race.


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