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Michael Schumacher: Rosberg not like Britney Spears

Michael Schumacher
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M ichael Schumacher was completely relaxed before the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Nothing to see of signs of age. The record world champion also easily parried difficult questions from the unpopular English journal.

Schumi openly as seldom

Would you like an example? When Schumi was asked after his assessment whether Sebastian Vettel would behave fairly in his opinion and would let Mark Webber pass in the world championship fight, Schumi countered with the counter question: 'Would it be unfair if Sebastian were the faster man and simply win the race would? '

Schumacher was more open than ever. After a season with ups and downs, he is at peace with himself. 'The barometer had different swings. But I was able to take a lot of positive things with me and, given the circumstances, had a lot of fun.' The clear improvement in form in the second half of the season certainly contributed to the good mood of the record champion. 'For a few races I have had a car in my hands that behaves as I expected', the German said happily.

Updates finally work

The There are many reasons for the positive trend. 'We understand the basis of the car better. And finally all the updates that we brought during the season are working.' But even in the Mercedes GP racing team, all the cogs finally fit together. 'The team has definitely grown together, which has helped to achieve better results. Mercedes joined the team at relatively short notice. The changes took a certain amount of time.'

Teammates also contributed to the positive development of the car Nico Rosberg his share. At the end of the season there was praise for the young German from the old master: 'I received certain information in advance that he should be a bit bitchy like Britney Spears,' grinned the German. Because Britney was Rosberg's nickname for his former team Williams. 'But I didn't really feel that way. We always worked very well together. Almost even better than with our colleagues in the past, because we have the same ideas about where the car can be improved.'

Batteries recharged

A change in attitude also contributes to the seven-time world champion's good mood. Schumi used to react irritably to critical questions. 'The last two years have been a bit tense,' he says41 year old too. 'The energy was simply no longer there. After 2006 I was completely empty. Now I feel good. I now also know more journalists personally and also understand the other side. You don't just see enemies, but friends too. That way I can enjoy everything here more. '

Although he had a lot of fun, Schumacher is not unhappy that the season is finally over. 'I am especially looking forward to finally driving the car for the next season.' After Mercedes stopped developing the current car since the middle of the season, Schumacher hopes that the MGP002 will be the expected success model. 'I had already received a few warning signs when testing last year. I hope that they don't appear in 2010 and that we have a good basis and a good feeling.'

Schumi doesn't want to bet money on anyone

Schumacher was not able to elicit any predictions about the exciting fight at the top of the World Cup. Like everyone else, he has a lot of fun in the close duel for the title. 'I wouldn't bet any money on anyone. I'm excited like a speed bow.'

Confronted with the statement by Jackie Stewart that Schumi's good friend Sebastian Vettel might be too young for the title, the Mercedes driver countered cool: 'The worst thing is ex-racing drivers who give any judgments. Sebastian has already shown that he is mature enough for certain deeds. When I look at who is still making mistakes with how many titles, I don't know whether you can call Sebastian not mature enough. '


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