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Michael Schumacher: Penalty after the third Singapore crash

Michael Schumacher
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A ls Michael Schumacher crashed into Sergio Perez's rear at the Singapore GP 2011 asked the picture: 'Schumi, do you need glasses?' After the mishap in the 2012 edition of the night race, the headlines are likely to be similarly uncomfortable. The veteran should be able to cope with the ridicule of the tabloid press. The fact that the FIA ​​stewards gave him ten starting places for one of his favorite races in Suzuka shouldn't please him.

Schumacher admits mistakes

The accident was just as obvious as in the Previous year. Shortly after the first restart after the safety car phase, the Mercedes driver stuffed his Silver Arrow into the rear of Jean-Eric Vergne's Toro Rosso. Although Schumi was clearly to blame, his crash opponent was forgiving. 'Even an experienced pilot sometimes makes a mistake,' said the Frenchman after Schumacher apologized to him.

The German also admitted his mistake when questioned by the FIA ​​stewards after the race to. However, the seven-time champion tried to assert mitigating circumstances. After the safety car phase, the tire pressure dropped. The car therefore hit a bump when braking and did not decelerate as expected.

Of course you have to ask at this point whether Michael Schumacher could not have known in his 301st Grand Prix that the Tire pressure can drop in a safety car phase. This mishap did not happen to his, in some cases, much inexperienced competitors.

Schumacher as repeat offender

The FIA ​​stewards welcomed that Schumi admitted the mistake. But that didn't change the punishment. In the verdict, the four referees added that it was not the first incident of its kind this season. In Barcelona, ​​Schumi crashed into Bruno Senna's Williams tail. At that time there were five starting positions back in Monaco. Now the penalty for the repeat offender has increased to ten starting positions in Suzuka.

The Singapore Night Grand Prix will probably no longer be Michael Schumacher's favorite race. At his floodlight premiere in 2010, he crashed into Nick Heidfeld. In 2011 his victim was Sergio Perez - again in the Sauber. Both times without penalty. The third crash was not without consequences.


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