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Michael Schumacher: parking offenders and speeding offenders

Michael Schumacher
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M ichael Schumacher should have been warned. Already in his decisive qualifying round he was unlucky. Pastor Maldonado had strayed 200 meters ahead of him and had put a track of sand on the ideal line. Schumacher was able to write off the round. Therefore also the 17th starting place. Anyone who starts so far back on the Hungaroring goes into a race with few hopes in which overtaking is more difficult than in Monte Carlo.

Schumacher parks in the wrong row

The breakdown series continued on Sunday. When Schumacher rolls into the starting grid, he remains in 19th place instead of 17th. From his tower, starter Charlie Whiting has the impression that Kamui Kobayashi is reluctant to move into his starting box and that Schumacher may be distracted as a result.

Schumacher himself does not notice the error: 'I thought that I would was right. ' On the other hand, Heikki Kovalainen on the starting position behind the Mercedes driver immediately saw that something was wrong here: 'I radioed my pits that it was in my seat. I was hoping Charlie would overhear and notice the mistake.' Pedro de la Rosa on the back row also knew straight away that something was going wrong. 'I don't know who was to blame. I just knew that I was in the wrong position. Fortunately, the 25th place on the grid is also recorded here in Hungary.'

Schumacher not regular

Whiting has to abort the start and switches the traffic light to a yellow flashing light. Schumacher then voluntarily turns off the engine. 'That was always the case in the past,' apologized the veteran. That's true and not true. Until 2005 the race was actually interrupted for five minutes. But the following year the rule was changed.

Since 2006, the second formation round has started immediately. The fastest in training, Lewis Hamilton, is apparently not completely saddled with regard to the regulations and stares at starter Charlie Whiting. He waves to him to keep driving. Everyone goes into the second formation round, only Schumacher not.

Race begins with flat tire and drive-through penalty

The marshals push the immobile Mercedes into the pit lane. There the engine is started and the record winner drives to the pit exit. Unfortunately 11.4 km /h too fast. For that it should actually havehave to be fined because the incident clearly happened before the start of the race. Now the Stewards are making a mistake. You miss Schumacher a drive-through penalty. This means that the Mercedes driver can finally forget about the race.

To make matters worse, there is also a puncture in the first lap. Pit stop again. After 59 laps, Mercedes takes its old champion out of the race. From 18th place, one lap behind leader Lewis Hamilton, there was no more flower pot to win. Mercedes preferred to spare the engine and gave itself the opportunity to start the Belgian GP in five weeks with a new transmission.


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