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Michael Schumacher: flight insert under floodlights

Michael Schumacher
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S Ingapur and Sauber is an unfortunate combination for Michael Schumacher. Last year, the record champion took on Nick Heidfeld and remained in 13th place without points. This year the crash opponent was Sergio Perez. The unfortunate situation was triggered, however, by team mate Nico Rosberg.

Perez drives unusual line

The second Silver Arrow hit the dirty track in the target curve and fought his way into the first corner with a slight touch past the Mexican again. The Sauber rookie lost so much speed that Schumacher was able to catch up unusually quickly. When braking into turn eight, Schumi was then too close.

'He took off the accelerator a bit early. Unfortunately I didn't expect that at that moment,' the old master then explained the course of the accident. 'He didn't stay on the normal track, but was half inside. That's why he had to lift up early and I was too close for that. I was just about to start to stab inside.'

Schumacher remains uninjured

Schumacher slipped his front tire onto Perez's rear wheel, causing the Silver Arrow to suddenly take off into the night sky of Singapore. When it hit the ground again, there wasn't enough asphalt left to slow down. The Mercedes plunged into the tire wall at high speed.

'You definitely have to compliment all the safety precautions,' said Schumi, praising the work on the side of the track. 'This dampened a lot and the impact was halfway acceptable. It was certainly not without it, but it wasn't too violent. I'm fine. It's not a problem.'

Schumi comes with a warning of which

After the race, demands for a penalty for Schumacher were loud from the Sauber camp. After all, the record champion slashed the right rear tire of his opponent in the accident. But although Schumacher admitted that he had miscalculated something in the rear-end collision, the stewards left it with a warning. 'Normal racing accident' was the verdict. By the way, there was also an old friend of Schumi among the rulers: Heinz-Harald Frentzen, who competed in Group C races with Schumi in the Mercedes sports car before his Formula 1 career.


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