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Michael Schumacher calls for innovative ideas for 2011

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Schumacher's hope for 2011
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F ure Mercedes did not have the first season as a works team like that planned. In the first twelve races, the Silver Arrows were mostly far from victories. Behind Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari you are by far only the fourth force. The eighth world title for Michael Schumacher quickly got out of reach.

In a Mercedes video before the race in Spa, the record world champion draws a mixed balance of his comeback. Schumi sobered up: 'We are not where we want to be.' The widely announced title fight has been postponed to the coming season. 'Of course we would have expected ourselves to fight for the championship this year. But we realized very early on that we would not be able to do so with the package, with the car.'

Schumacher doesn't leave defeats cold

While the first defeats were bravely smiled at at the start of the season, the 41-year-old veteran can no longer hide his disappointment. 'I've definitely changed a little. Before that, we drove to fifth and were in the top ten in qualifying. We weren't in the last two races. Of course, I can't dance around so easily and happily and myself I'm not satisfied either. We have different requirements for that. Nevertheless, the fun of the matter remains. '

Schumacher does not see the end of the world in the unfamiliar misery. 'I can live with it relatively well. Of course I'm not happy about it. But you also have to recognize the circumstances why we are in this situation.' Above all, team boss Ross Brawn protects the Kerpener. 'Ross has been busy with quite a few other things over the last year, like securing the team when he couldn't focus so much on developing the car.'

Schumi wants to overtake the competition in 2011

However, there is no longer any excuse for the Silver Arrows for the next season. Schumacher knows that too. That is why the focus is now on securing success in 2011. 'We have to set the course for next year now and weed out all the mistakes that we recognized in this year's car,' demands Schumi, 'and perhaps thoseor incorporate other innovative ideas that also give us a head start. If we just do the same thing as everyone else, then we're just equally strong. '

Schumacher can't be upset by the current negative trend.' It's just that we won't this year have made the golden throw. But that doesn't mean that we can't do that again next year. I'm in good spirits about the future. '

Schumacher plans long-term

So the missed title fight for the Mercedes driver was not entirely unexpected either.' We would like to have our route towards the championship already laid out this year. On the other hand, you have to say that the whole thing is a three-year plan, otherwise I might only have signed for a year if I had been sure that I could do it in a year. '

Bei Concentrating on 2011, the German wants to offer his fans a few more highlights in the last seven races of the season as well. 'Of course I will make sure that I get the maximum out of the current package and that we may still be able to achieve one or two podium places. But from my point of view, the focus is already very much on the next year. '


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