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Michael Schumacher: Berger advises Schumi to stop

Michael Schumacher
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D his question will keep the scene busy for a while: Michael Schumacher continues or does it stop? Formula 1 needs the record winner. Schumacher is still the man who ensures the longest queues among the autograph hunters, who drives TV ratings up, and who writes the controversial stories in the paddock.

But the 43-year-old old master is doing himself a favor with it? Isn't he scratching his own monument with that? Or wouldn't it have a special charm if Schumacher beat Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes in a Sauber?

Schumacher belongs to Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren or Mercedes

Gerhard Berger 2010 was one of those who welcomed Michael Schumacher's comeback. And now he is advising the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time to quit. 'I would allow Michael if he could still find a place to continue. But now is actually time to do something different. At some point you have to admit that in old age you can't go on forever in a professional sport at the highest level.'

When it comes to the comeback record, the former Ferrari driver makes no excuses: 'It doesn't matter whether it was bad luck, accidents or technical failure that slowed him down. In terms of points, he is well behind Rosberg. It is unbelievable anyway that he was able to keep up with a boy like Rosberg. '

When asked about Schumacher's chances of finding somewhere else, Berger says:' First he has to like him, but the market has to him too Should he go to Sauber or Williams? No, a Schumacher belongs to Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren or Mercedes. Anything else cannot be an alternative for him. '

Berger:' Hamilton change understandable '

The move from Lewis Hamilton to Me rcedes can understand Berger. From both perspectives, even if Mercedes is benefiting more than Hamilton at first: 'One can only congratulate Mercedes. With Hamilton and Rosberg they now have a great driver pairing. Probably the best one can have. If you can have Hamilton, you have to get him. '

Berger also understands Hamilton. 'Most drivers need a change of scenery after three or four years with a team. That brings new motivation. Of course the McLaren is the better car, but the attraction now is to make the Mercedes the better car.'

McLaren's decision to bet on Sergio PerezGerhard Berger can only half understand: 'The performance of Perez is okay, but the financial background and the Central American market were also in my sights. For me, Paul di Resta would have been more obvious. That is the man of the young drivers that you have to have. '


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