Michael Schumacher at the GP Italy 2010

Michael Schumacher before the Italian GP
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W enn Michael Schumacher is going to Monza next week the German is also on a journey into his personal past. Like the race in Spa, the Italian GP is also associated with many memories for the German.

Schumacher caused cheers among Ferrari fans five times. No other driver has won Formula 1 as often as the Kerpener on the ultra-fast traditional circuit north-east of Milan. After his third home win for Ferrari in 2000, tears flowed in Monza when the then 31-year-old broke the record for his idol Ayrton Senna . With the success in Italy, Schumi managed to turn the world around in the world championship and later also the first title for Ferrari.

Crash and retirement in Monza

But Monza not only has good memories ready for the now 41-year-old Mercedes driver. In 2004, the record champion experienced one of the worst accidents of his career during test drives in the Royal Park. After a problem with the left rear wheel at well over 300 km /h, Schumi crashed backwards into the boundary wall. As if by a miracle, the driver was able to get out of the Ferrari wreck unharmed.

After a three-year break, Schumacher is now returning to the place where he announced his retirement in 2006. Instead of the well-known red overalls, Schumi now wears silver. Before the start of the season, there had been violent insults from the hot-blooded Tifosi for the change to Mercedes. It will be exciting to see whether the mood has cooled for his new employer after twelve races.

Schumacher looking forward to the Italian GP

Schumacher does not expect any great animosity from the fans. The Silver Arrow driver travels to Ferrari's old home with a good feeling: 'Personally, I am very much looking forward to returning to Monza, because I have always received a very warm welcome there for many years,' said the German

On the other hand, the feeling is not that good when it comes to sport. Even in Spa, Mercedes was only able to limit the damage with luck with the weather and a good strategy: 'The weekend in Spa was quite entertaining and I like to remember it,' says Schumi, looking back. 'Under the given circumstances, we were able to achieve a very decent result.' In the race, as in the old days, Schumi started a big race to catch up and fueled his way up from 21st on the grid to seventh.

Fast stretchesnot ideal for Mercedes

In Monza, however, the current World Championship tenth is expecting another difficult weekend: 'The upcoming race in Monza will probably be exciting in a completely different way because it is a real challenge for our team. Several times this year we have seen on racetracks with similar characteristics as Monza that such courses are not for us. But we will again give everything to achieve the best possible result with our technical package. '


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