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Michael Schumacher: & # 34; Decision certainly not before October & # 34;

Michael Schumacher
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D he poker game between Mercedes and Michael Schumacher continues. It was only on Tuesday that team boss Ross Brawn announced that the decision to extend his contract with Schumi will be made during the summer break. 'In the next six weeks we have to think about what we want to do next season,' said Brawn.

But Schumi doesn't want to play. 'I have always said that I will sit down with the team at the right time. It will of course come at some point. But no decision will be made before October.' The champion didn't want to say more on the subject.

Is Mercedes going to put Schumacher in front of the door?

The team should have received the message. Schumi sits on the longer lever. There is no fixed option that leaves the German Formula 1 star the sole decision whether he wants to drive for Mercedes in 2013. But the brand with the star cannot afford to simply kick a Michael Schumacher out of the door and sign a replacement.

Ross Brawn never tires of mentioning that they are making the decision to extend their contract will meet together. 'When the time comes, we'll sit down and discuss all the factors and then make a logical and sensible decision.' do not answer myself. 'We haven't discussed it yet. But he still enjoys it. So why not continue.'

How much risk can Mercedes take?

At Mercedes, however, we are aware that that by holding on to Schumacher you are also taking a risk. Before the 43-year-old decides, you don't want to look for alternatives. If things go badly, the Silver Arrows could end up without a good second driver.

'Our focus is on Michael as long as it takes. Then we see where we stand. There is no deadline as to when we have to make a decision. It just has to be the right decision. ' Brawn can only speculate about the factors that ultimately make the difference. 'A good driver always looks first to see whether the technical basis is right. Only then comes the commercial side. Every sensible driver knows that he needs a good car in order to win.'


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