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Miami postponed for a year: last chance for Germany

Miami postponed for one year
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D the Miami project will be postponed to 2020. The FIA ​​and Liberty are preparing for the Formula 1 appearance planned for October 2019 in Florida to take place a year later. There are still too many unresolved questions with the route, the authorities and the property owners.

Miami is a prestige property for Liberty. It would be the first new Grand Prix the Americans would put on the calendar. On top of that in the sensitive US market. This race has to be a success for the new Formula 1 owners. That's why you don't want to be satisfied with half measures. If Formula 1 wants to be a guest in the US metropolis for five years, everything has to be perfect. So it is better to wait a year and have a solution that satisfies everyone and is sustainable than breaking a project that does not live up to expectations.

20 Grand Prix or a Miami replacement

An important point in the negotiations in Miami is the route. The variant presented on the Internet was just a dummy to negotiate in peace with the authorities and the property owners about the desired route. It should be well over five kilometers long, with spectacular curves and overtaking opportunities. Since the negotiations have dragged on, the time is now running out to prepare the route by October 2019.

After the postponement of Miami, FIA and Liberty are working on a revised calendar for 2019. The first draft can still be Last mid-August. A variant would be to leave it at 20 races. However, options are being examined as to whether a replacement race can be squeezed into the calendar. Since you can only put four races between the Canadian GP on June 9 and the summer break without another triple, a Grand Prix is ​​being sought that can also take place in September.

Hockenheim is ready to talk

The question now is a Grand Prix in Germany or a race as part of the big overseas tour in the last third of the season. Hockenheim managing director Georg Seiler has already indicated that he is ready to talk. When the conditions are right and the Hockenheimers don't have to take risks. The rush for tickets for the current Grand Prix could make Hockenheim and Liberty a little bolder. With 70,000 visitors, Hockenheim is back in the black for the first time in a long time.

With the current onesContractual conditions, the risk would be too great. 'But we are open to alternative financing models,' says Seiler. That would be, for example, a deal at a dollar rate of 1.40 or a higher participation of Liberty in the income in return for a lower sign-up fee. By the way, there should be an alternative to Hockenheim. A race on a street circuit. Liberty is silent about the place. The chances of getting a city race off the ground in such a short time, however, are slim. Miami shows why.


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