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Mercedes with half-time record: Ferrari closer than Red Bull

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Mercedes with half-time record
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T he summer break is not suitable for a comparison this time. Last year 11 races took place up to the unofficial half-time of the Formula 1 World Cup. This season there were only 10 Grand Prix. Thanks to the cancellation of the GP Germany. So if you want to compare, you have to use the first 10 races as a yardstick.

And two things become clear. Mercedes' lead on the racetrack has increased. In contrast, the score is smaller. In 2014 the Mercedes account showed 366 points and 9 wins after 10 Grand Prix. This year there are 383 points, but only eight wins. 17 points more sounds like a lot in such a great preseason. But it is not. This year both Silver Arrows always crossed the finish line. In the previous season, the Silver Arrows recorded three clear rounds at the same time.

The big loser is McLaren

Despite The pursuers have come closer to the white vest of Mercedes. The World Cup runner-up Ferrari has 48 points more on the high edge than Red Bull last season. And the third-placed Williams racing team also cut a better figure with 151 to 121 points. Ferrari has already clinched two victories. In 2014, Red Bull had only cleared a trophy after 10 races. Daniel Ricciardo's victories number two and three came in 2014 at the eleventh and twelfth World Championship rounds.

The fact that Ferrari and Williams are comparatively better has nothing to do with the fact that they caught up with Mercedes in terms of sport. They earned their extra points at the expense of the other teams. Last year, the teams in positions 4 to 6 kept up with Williams. Force India (98) and McLaren (96) in particular were able to score significantly more points than this year.

Force India is still fifth in the World Cup. But with 59 points less than 12 months ago. Red Bull has 96 points in the no man's land between Williams and Force India. Further down the field, Lotus (plus 27 points) and Sauber (plus 22 points) were able to improve the most. ToroRosso is seventh as in 2014, but with almost twice as many points. The big loser is clearly McLaren. The current ninth in the overall standings lost 79 points compared to the previous year.


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