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Mercedes vs. Ferrari: What is the Vettel best time worth

Mercedes versus Ferrari
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M ercedes and Ferrari are the two big world championships Opponent. But during the tests in Barcelona, ​​the defending champion and the challenger avoid each other. Ferrari produced 2 best times on the first 3 days of testing. Sebastian Vettel's record of 1.22.810 minutes also survived Wednesday. So far, Mercedes has not exceeded a time of 1.24.867 minutes.

On the other hand, the Mercedes drivers completed 490 laps or 2.281 kilometers over 3 days. Ferrari achieved 273 laps and 1,271 kilometers in the same period. On the first and third days, the red car spent a lot of time in the pit garage. Kimi Raikkonen was plagued by problems with the gasoline system on his SF16-H debut. Mercedes drove with practically no problems. 'As hard as we try, we won't break the car,' joked marathon man Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes only has medium tires with them

Sebastian Vettel set his best time with Ultrasoft tires. When he switched from Medium to Supersoft and then to Ultrasoft, the car made a jump of 3 km /h at top speed. Experts conclude that Vettel also readjusted the motor mode with softer tires. Was it necessary to set a record to relieve the pressure that Sergio Marchionne's ambitious goal for the season placed on his team?

Mercedes was not worried by the Ferrari show. Allegedly, it has been left with the smallest engine mode to determine the location. The team had only ordered 'medium' tires from Pirelli for the first week of testing. In the second week, Mercedes wants to do without the two softest rubber compounds Supersoft and Ultrasoft in its range. Only 'soft' tires should still be used. That speaks for a healthy level of self-confidence.

Lewis Hamilton doesn't care what Ferrari is doing: 'I'm happy with our plan. There is so much to learn from this car that we need kilometers. Even if it is a bit boring as a driver to do one lap after the other without a competition. '

Is Mercedes foregoing personal bests?

Mercedes is stubbornly pushing through its program. A workload of 12 days is squeezed into 8. That is why the World Cup favorites completed their pit stop training on film day last Friday in Silverstone. The second racing chassis will be delivered to Barcelona on Sunday. It is to contest the second week of testing.

From 1.Until March 4th, technical director Paddy Lowe and his team are concerned with perfectly coordinating the car with the many technical innovations. They arrive piece by piece in Barcelona. 'Only when a set of new parts such as the baffles has gone through the complete test cycle does the next part come,' explains chief designer Aldo Costa. The debut of the eagerly awaited new nose has therefore also been postponed to Thursday.

Hamilton can hardly wait for the second week: 'So far, the new car still feels like the old one. I'm looking forward to it, when we can finally play around with the setups. '

It is very possible that you will never see the Silver Arrows at the top on the Barcelona test days. The consistency of the lap times is still unmatched. What you can do in one round can be extrapolated. You don't have to prove it and wake sleeping dogs in a highly political time. A continuation of the Mercedes dominance would only provide Bernie Ecclestone with further arguments to bury the hybrid era.


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