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Mercedes technology update: Bargeboards in Mad Max look

Stefan Baldauf
Mercedes W07 technology update
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M ercedes team boss Toto Wolff already had the test on the first day announced some unusual changes to the new W07. And the Austrian hadn't promised too much. The first major update of the year was ready for use on the second day of testing in Barcelona. Nico Rosberg got new bargeboards screwed to the car.

Mercedes W07 with new bargeboards

Normally, changes to these baffles are limited. Sometimes there is a new slot here or an additional fin there. But now Mercedes has found a completely new solution. The bargeboard is fanned out into 8 individual elements with which the air is directed around the side box. The front 3 parts are connected with metal clips.

The idea of ​​fanning out is not new, however. Even if no team has so far divided its bargeboards into so many individual segments. However, the lower part of the guide plates is revolutionary. Like a fork, the fins are pointed forward. This is more reminiscent of a vehicle from a Mad Max film than from Formula 1.

'The vertical slats ensure that small eddies are created. The forward-facing fins direct the eddies into the desired paths' , Chief Designer Aldo Costa explained the aerodynamics principle behind the unusual look.

Will the Mercedes idea be copied?

It is better not to get too close to the Mercedes in this area in front of the side pods - increased risk of injury. It will soon become clear whether the new solution is a step forward not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of performance. If the update remains permanently on the car, it will probably not be long before the competition in this area follows suit.

In our gallery we show you the new bargeboards in detail and compare them with the old baffles.


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