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Mercedes takes 7 tokens: more horsepower for Rosberg & amp; Hamilton

Mercedes takes 7 tokens
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D as means a lot of paperwork for the FIA ​​officials: practically everyone Teams change their engines and ancillary units in Monza. Mercedes did not decide until Thursday afternoon whether only fresh drive units of the first specification would be used or the completely overhauled V6 turbo, for which all 7 remaining tokens were used.

Mercedes with more power thanks to engine and gasoline -Upgrade

According to statements by Mercedes employees, the upgrade is a strategic intervention with a view to 2016. The engineers modified the engine in areas that they are no longer allowed to touch over the winter and they made it fit for a new gasoline that Petronas will present in Monza.

'This opens up new development directions for the future,' said a spokesman. For now, only Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will drive the experimental engine. Mercedes customers get fresh engines, but from the old specification. It has not yet been clarified whether they will be able to enjoy the experimental units later.

Ferrari does not use all tokens for fresh engines

Ferrari puts the fourth drive unit into circulation at the home game in Monza. The speculations range from 0 to 3 tokens. After the initial upgrade in Canada, Maranello still had 7 tokens in hand. The remaining tokens can no longer be exchanged with impunity.

The Italians now have two options for implementing the last development step. Either he is used on the racetrack with the corresponding starting place penalty. Or Ferrari builds a pure test bench engine, which then goes to the museum. Following the example of Mercedes, the development steps prohibited in 2016 would have been installed in 2015.

Red Bull with 4 new engines

Renault and Honda are changing for tactical reasons. The engine specifications are known. It's about getting enough engines into the system to be ready by the end of the season. From the point of view of Red Bull, Toro Rosso and McLaren, Monza is the circuit where a penalty hurts the least. Because you don't calculate a lot because of the power deficit. Daniel Ricciardo put it this way: 'I would rather take the penalty in Monza than at the next race in Singapore. There we expect chances for the podium.'

Red Bull does thatHonda trick. Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat will change drive units on Friday and Saturday and thus in theory move back around 50 starting positions. The expansion stage of Renault is scheduled for the GP Russia. It should take up 4 of the 12 remaining tokens.

At Toro Rosso, only Carlos Sainz's motor is exchanged. Involuntarily, Max Verstappen got his new engine in Spa. McLaren also has to deal with penalties again. Honda wants to bring two more healthy units into its system.


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