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Mercedes stumbles over mistakes: Why did Hamilton stay on the track for so long

Mercedes stumbles over mistakes
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V on starting positions 2 and 4 you usually get onto the podium . But Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg only stayed in 5th and 7th place. It was a race of missed opportunities. Almost like in Singapore or Spa. Nico Roberg had the speed for a place on the podium. Then the fastening bolt of the nose broke on the top right of his car. Since the wing only fell on one side of the road, Rosberg was allowed to accelerate again after the first moment of shock.

'You reassured me that the nose cannot fall off and slide under the car. Otherwise it would have resulted in a mega-crash.' In fact, the front section of the number 9 Mercedes was so well anchored that it took 22 seconds before the mechanics were finally able to remove the part. This allowed Rosberg to remove a podium from himself. 7th place was damage control. 'It's a shame because I felt really good in the car.'

Hamilton would have needed a third stop

The opposite was the case with Lewis Hamilton. In contrast to Rosberg, the Englishman put too much strain on the right front tire. After just 20 laps, he was begging the radio for new tires. Although by then the graining phase was long over. In contrast to the others, the grip did not return with Hamilton.

He first lost two, then four seconds to the competition and cursed so hard on the radio that the direction faded out the radio messages for the live broadcast had to. Rosberg and Hulkenberg caught up in seven-mile boots. But Hamilton had to hold out until lap 28 before he was allowed to pit. And just then Rosberg's wing misery happened, which forced the teammate to do another lap at a snail's pace, because Rosberg had priority. That alone cost Hamilton six seconds.

Wouldn't it have been better to bring the English in earlier? 'Didn't work,' explained team manager Ron Meadows. 'Given the tire wear, he would not have made the remaining distance and would have pitted a third time.' After all, the pit stops worked at Mercedes. The Hamilton crew set a new internal record with 2.14 and 2.16 seconds. 'I think that's an all-time record for this season,' said Meadows.


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