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Mercedes secret language explained: What is & # 34; Brake Magic & # 34;?

Mercedes secret language explained
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T he GP Monaco decided in laps 63 to 65 . Lewis Hamilton then lost what was believed to be the victory because Mercedes pitted him to change tires. In retrospect, the pit stop turned out to be superfluous. We have already described how this came about. Also how Hamilton made his pit stop thinking about a second pit stop with his emergency call that the tire temperature was falling.

Mercedes radio messages difficult to decipher

The strategists had exactly two seconds to make their decision Time. Hamilton sent his tire warning at the entrance to the swimming pool complex. The point at which a decision had to be made was at the exit of the second swimming pool chicane. There Hamilton was given the command 'Box, box, box.' But the radio messages before and after were also interesting. We'll solve the technical jargon for you.

Radio message to Hamilton: 'Keep positive, stay positive'

Explanation: It has nothing to do with Hamilton's state of mind. The driver must adhere to the so-called safety car delta time in both a virtual and a real safety car. It corresponds to about 130 percent of the racing time. The display shows the driver whether he is lying over or under. In total, it must stay in the positive range, otherwise it will result in penalties.

Radio message to Hamilton: 'We are going + 1½ turns for the option tire'

Explanation: With the softer tires, the front wing is made steeper by one and a half steps. Since the rear tires have more grip with the soft compound, the rear wing can be faded out aerodynamically. When changing to the harder tires, the front wing is reversed.

Radio message to Hamilton: Give us 'Pit Confirm'

Explanation: Hamilton has to confirm by pushing a button that he has understood the command for the pit stop.

Radio message to Hamilton: 'Cancel brake magic'

Explanation: 'Brake magic' means a lever behind the steering wheel. It activates or deactivates the delay via the electric drive. When the battery is charged, the generator works against the propulsion. This relieves the rear brakes. Good for the brakes, bad for the tire temperatures. Before the pit stop they have toold tires can no longer be heated up. So the warm-up via the brakes is canceled and the generator can charge the battery for the rest of the lap.

Radio message to Hamilton: 'RS modes' - later 'cancel RS' '

Explanation: RS stands for' Race Start '. This mode is also activated when pulling away after the pit stop. Since he puts a lot of stress on the gearbox, the driver is reminded to deactivate the mode again after the start and the pit stop.

Radio message to Hamilton: 'Stick the brake warming on '

Explanation: The fresh tires should be warmed up using the waste heat from the brakes. In this phase, the generator only charges the battery to a limited extent in order to put more stress on the rear brakes.

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