Mercedes: Rosberg is wondering about strategy

Stable management at Mercedes?
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F ure it was a good day for Mercedes. Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg finished fifth and sixth. That gives 18 points to the Silver Arrows. Mercedes thus equalized the best result of the season at the Belgian GP so far. But this time the bad word was stable management.

Rosberg feels disadvantaged

The Mercedes drivers have been driving in convoy since lap 20. Schumacher's gap to Rosberg was still 6.5 seconds. By the 42nd lap the gap had shrunk to 2.6 seconds. Three laps later, the Mercedes command post intervened in the team-internal duel and called Rosberg into the pits to switch from soft to hard tires. Schumacher stayed five laps longer on the track and passed without a fight. It stayed in this order until the finish line.

Rosberg was disappointed when he went to the TV interviews. 'It was the pit wall's decision to get me in. I was still amazed and thought we'd make a mistake there. We knew that our hard tires would take two laps to deliver grip.'

Schumacher with KERS trick at the start

Those who suspected that the director would influence Rosberg's early stop, gave Schumacher a clear refusal. 'Nico's tires were finished. He had to come in. I had spared my tires as much as possible at the beginning of the turn.' The last two laps before Rosberg's stop prove Schumacher right. On lap 43, the record champions made up three tenths and on lap 44 six tenths.

The old man from Formula 1 also kept track of things at the start of the race. Schumacher made up for a messed up qualification, as is so often the case, in the first two kilometers. The jump from eleven to eighth shows his routine. 'I didn't use KERS at the start, but still got away quite well and defended my starting position on the brakes. I also kept my fingers off the KERS button up the hill through turn two, stayed on the outside in turn three and was against The Toro Rosso drivers were already in a good position. They had already used up their entire KERS supply. So I easily passed on the long straight. '

Mercedes is particularly good at the new track

In the phase in which the Mercedes drivers were fighting for fifth place, they drove lap times like the top on worn tires. Schumacher does not want to interpret too much into the intermediate sprint. 'By the timeVettel and Button only drove as fast as they had to. In the end they showed what they can do with 1.27 times. If everything went well, I was able to drive a time of 1.28.5 minutes. The fact that the tires delivered good grip in such a late phase in the second turn was also due to the fact that my car was perfectly balanced. '

Nico Rosberg also put the best Mercedes race on the track characteristics.' We didn't have anything new about the car. So it must have been the route that came towards us. I would have done better in training if I hadn't had to stop my attempt. '


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