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Mercedes out of range: Ferrari is only fighting for third place

Mercedes out of range
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1 , Sebastian Vettel had 4 seconds ahead of the fastest Mercedes in qualifying from Singapore. 7 days later the world looks completely different again. In Suzuka, Vettel was missing more than half a second on the top. Mercedes drives in normal form again. Ferrari too.

Old distance to Mercedes restored

As in Barcelona, ​​Silverstone and Spa, the red cars had no chance against the silver competition. All tracks have in common with Suzuka that there are fast corners and the harder tires are used. Vettel does not generally see this as a weakness: 'There are always tracks on which you feel a little more comfortable than on others,' said the four-time world champion.

'I don't know if they could still do anything . We could have been a few tenths faster. Then we'll be back at the Mercedes strength that we actually saw in qualifying all season. I hope we're a little closer in the race. But our main opponents are probably rather Red Bull and Williams. '

Vettel wants to be on the podium in Suzuka

Vettel was not entirely satisfied with qualifying in Suzuka. 'Especially at the beginning I didn't feel good. Only at the end did I get better momentum.' But then the session was broken off by the Kvyat crash. 'We could certainly have improved in the last attempt. Alone by the fact that the track got more grip. But more than third place was not possible today. It was all very close.'

Vettel hopes to be on the podium on Sunday. To do this, he has to at least pass Bottas in the fast Williams: 'The race is long. We don't yet know what the weather is doing. They are not easy to overtake. The start is the first opportunity to attack. Then you have to see what with the strategy is possible. I expect a tough fight. '


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