Mercedes is suing outgoing engineer

Espionage in the Mercedes engine department?
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D the case was only on Monday (8.12.2015 ) known: Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, the F1 engine manufacturer from Mercedes, filed a lawsuit against a departing employee in the Supreme Court in London on October 19. The reason: Engineer Benjamin Hoyle is said to have stolen confidential documents. Perhaps with the intention of taking them to Ferrari, as Mercedes feared.

Mercedes wants to protect 'intellectual property'

'There is a lawsuit between Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains and an employee ', Mercedes confirmed to the Bloomberg news agency. 'The company has taken these appropriate steps to protect its intellectual property.'

Specifically, Mercedes accuses Hoyle of looking for documents and saving them - including a race report from the Hungarian GP 2015 and mileage and damage records for Mercedes F1 engines. In addition, the engineer is said to have obtained documents that contain a code to decrypt other files. According to the court documents submitted by Mercedes, Hoyle acted calculated in order to destroy or seriously damage the relationship of trust between him and Mercedes. The engineer has now deleted the files concerned in order to cover up his actions.

According to the court documents, Hoyle has been working as one of four team leaders in the Mercedes Performance division since 2012. As early as May 2014, he is said to have informed the team that he would not extend his contract, which will expire in December this year. Shortly after the announcement, Mercedes claims to have found out that Hoyle was aiming to switch to Ferrari.

Intended ban on Hoyle

He was then withdrawn from his work and given other tasks that had nothing to do with Formula 1. Mercedes also had the data removed from Hoyle's workstation and gave him a new email address. Despite all the measures, the engineer had unauthorized access to the piquant documents. 'Mr. Hoyle and possibly Ferrari have gained an undue advantage,' fears Mercedes.

A Ferrari spokesman admitted to Bloomberg that there had been talks with Hoyle about employment, but he had noneSigned the contract. In the foreseeable future, Hoyle will not join the Italians either. With its lawsuit, Mercedes is striving to ban the engineer from working. Hoyle should not be allowed to work for another F1 team before the end of 2016.

No reproach against Ferrari

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the Mercedes F1 team published a clarification on its website . It shows that the world champion is not accusing his competitor Ferrari of any offense: 'Mercedes will continue investigations until it can be determined that all confidential information has been recovered. It is assumed that this will take another two to four months to complete. The investigation has provided no reason to believe that any information has leaked to Ferrari. The court documents do not contain any allegations of improper conduct on the part of Ferrari. '

The statement concluded,' Mercedes will continue to protect its interests This also includes continuing legal action against Mr. Hoyle, as well as protecting against potentially inappropriate disclosure of confidential information within the motorsport industry. '


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