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Mercedes F1 Safety Car 2018: AMG GT R replaces the AMG GT S.

Mercedes F1 Safety-Car 2018
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D The old Mercedes AMG GT S Safety was three years -Car in action in Formula 1. For the 2018 season, the Stuttgart-based company has now made a model change. For the first race in Australia, Bernd Mayländer will switch to the new AMG GT R. With 585 hp, it is the most powerful safety car of all time.

In the future, the F1 drivers will have to work harder to avoid the To lose touch with the silver sports car. Mercedes officially states the top speed of the security vehicle at 318 km /h - the field has never been so fast in neutralization phases. Thanks to active aerodynamics, the new safety car also gets through corners better, which helps the F1 drivers to keep the tires and brakes at the right temperature.

Mercedes AMG GT R safety car with racing technology

“I'm really looking forward to my new company car. In terms of driving dynamics, it is an absolute highlight and one step higher than the AMG GT S of previous years. Of course, the safety car should be used as little as possible - but if we have to bring the Formula 1 field together safely and lead around the circuit, then we are well equipped with the AMG GT R, ”Mayländer enthused about his new toy /p>

The Mercedes AMG GT R was developed on the Nordschleife. So he should be prepared for all conditions that await him during a season. The front mid-engine concept with a transmission in transaxle design, the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, the adjustable chassis with electronic control, the active aerodynamics and the consistent lightweight construction provide a racing feeling in the series athlete.

Zur Wider front and rear fenders, which enable a larger track width, also contribute to increased driving dynamics. Compared to the previous model, the front and rear aprons have also been changed. In addition, there is a large rear wing that generates extra contact pressure. Further sport features of the AMG GT R are its light forged wheels, the active rear-axle steering and the nine-way adjustable traction control.

Special equipment for use as a safety car

From the AMG The range of accessories also includes the track package with rollover protection system and a ceramic high-performance brake. As a special safety car, the AMG GT R also received a striking foil, an aerodynamically optimized light bar for the roof as well as two large displays, a radio system and an InCar hotspotMissed WiFi network in the interior.

In addition to the Mercedes AMG GT R Safety Car, Mercedes is again sending a 510 hp AMG C63 S T-model as a medical car on the Grand Prix Tour. The fast station wagon was equipped with four bucket seats for its special purpose. All emergency equipment including defibrillator and ventilator is stowed in the 490 liter trunk.

In the gallery we show you the new Mercedes AMG GT R safety car for the 2018 F1 season in detail.


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