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Mercedes extended with Hamilton until 2020, Bottas until 2019

Mercedes extends with Hamilton and Bottas
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D he first spoke Lewis Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff about a contract extension at the presentation of the new car at the end of February. At the time, we had the impression that execution was only a matter of time. Both parties assured that they wanted to get the cow off the ice before the start of the season. But then we were all put off in a 14-day rhythm. Standard explanation: 'It's only about the little things.' The competition from Red Bull teased. 'Hamilton is calling a price that Mercedes does not want to pay.'

That is part of shadow boxing in Formula 1. Anything that unsettles the opponent is good. Hamilton's salary is of course secret. The British revolver papers believe they know more, however. 40 million pounds is speculated on the island. According to the current exchange rate, that would be 44.9 million euros. Or $ 52.3 million. Hamilton is the only driver in the field to be paid out in US currency. 'It's all a junk,' commented Niki Lauda on the numbers before the contract was signed. Of course, Hamilton does nothing to clarify the matter. 'I don't talk about contract details.'

Hamilton does not want to be pushed into a corner

The only thing known is that it will last for two years. Why not three? “We talked for three years, but I wasn't comfortable with it. Formula 1 is in a state of upheaval. Nobody knows what will happen in 2021. I didn't want to sign into the unknown, let myself be pushed into a corner, even if with Mercedes you can be sure that you're always on the right track. ”Hamilton has been a Mercedes man since 1997. “I came home from school and Ron Dennis was on the phone. He offered me a contract with McLaren-Mercedes. I am proud that I still belong to this family. ”

Hamilton stays with Mercedes as expected.

That is why the four-time world champion wasted no thought of looking elsewhere. Even if there should have been a request from outside. “I told Toto from day one that I didn't want to drive anywhere else and that I wasn't looking for options. So we both took our time. ”Hamilton admitted that he was the driving force behind the many postponements. “I have to thank Toto for how patient he was with me. It was up to me that it took so long. ”

The defending champion lets it be known that he enjoys this negotiating challenge. “It is now the third contract that I negotiate on my own. The conversations are incredibly intense and you learn a lot about your negotiating partner. These talks have their very own dynamic. 'Now Hamilton is happy that it is over:' In my head I signed the contract months ago. I knew it was going to happen. Now all discussions about it stop. The whole focus is on defending the title. ”

Bottas hopes for good news soon

Valtteri Bottas had to wait a day longer. On the Friday before the German GP, ​​Mercedes announced the contract extension with its Finnish driver. “It's great to extend my contract here at Hockenheim,” says the Finn happily. “I've made a good step forward this year. With the entire winter preparation behind me, I'm driving better than in 2017. I'm faster, better in the race and closer to Lewis. Unfortunately, the results don't show that. But the team knows, and that's the only thing that matters to me. ”

Mercedes cannot afford Ricciardo's salary claims.

In contrast to Hamilton, Mercedes concludes the contract with Bottas for only one year. With the option of a further cooperation in 2020. So Mercedes keeps all options open, should Hamilton like Nico Rosberg throw before the end of his contract.For the taste of the team, the Englishman has been talking a little too often about life after his racing career lately. And after the Rosberg case, Mercedes is burned. Daniel Ricciardo was also considered as a second driver alongside Hamilton, but the Australian wants to play in the 15 million league in the future. In addition to Hamilton's salary, that would have been a size too big for Mercedes.


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