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Mercedes drivers confident: Don't be afraid of Ferrari

Mercedes drivers confident
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L ewis Hamilton seems to have everything under control. He wins 3 of 4 races, is 27 points ahead of Nico Rosberg and 28 points in front of Sebastian Vettel in the World Cup. Between two GP appointments, he reels off PR days in Mallorca and Monza and in between flies to the 'boxing match of the century' between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas.

Arrived in Barcelona, ​​the world championship leader appears very relaxed: 'On the flight back from Bahrain I thought: You have a few cool weeks behind you. Last year was already outstanding. And it's always difficult to repeat something like this or even to top it. But this season is for got me off to a better start than the last. '

Quality instead of quantity at Mercedes

The defending champion is at peace with himself. And he is full of self-confidence. When he is asked about the arms race between Mercedes and Ferrari and Vettel's declaration of war - 'I hope Mercedes will see red soon' - he casually waves it off: 'Everyone brings upgrades to Barcelona. We may not be as many as the others, but we focus on quality instead of quantity. I am confident that our guys have done everything that was necessary to stay ahead. '

Nico Rosberg's confidence goes that far. 'I don't think that much will change. We're ahead in qualifying. It gets tighter in the race. Barcelona speaks more for us. Because there are fast corners and the layout not only demands the rear tires. The front tires are also stressed. ' Afraid that Vettel will soon displace him from second place? 'No. We have the better car.'

But second place is not enough for Rosberg. He finally wants to break the run of Hamilton. And hear no more of the defeats in the first four races: 'The results speak for themselves. What there was to say was said. Barcelona is a new race for me.' The world championship starts anew for the world championship runner-up with each race.

Rosberg knows that the gap is already 27 points, but he ignores it. 'The only thing that remains of the first 4 races is what I learned from them.' And that would be? 'I finally need a perfect weekend. Something has always gone wrong up to now. I've never made it 100 percent. If I can do that, I'll get the results I expect from myself.' The combative race in Bahrain is no consolation, but at least a boost to morale.'It was a strong race with the wrong result.'


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