Mercedes: Does the rain dance only help Schumi?

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W ow do you say so beautifully? Tastes are different. This also applies to Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. While Schumi was in top form again in the qualifying in wet conditions, Nico Rosberg seemed to feel more comfortable on the dry track.

More than podium possible in the rain

Schumi expects more chances in the rain. 'In the rain we have a chance to get on the podium or further up, but in the dry we can only take third place,' said the seven-time world champion. 'We are stronger in the rain than in the dry.' With the third starting position he would have good prerequisites for the plan to take the podium. But for once it shouldn't rain on Sunday - if you believe the meteorologists.

On Saturday morning, the teams had the only opportunity in the third practice session to ski on dry slopes for a longer period of time. Mercedes took advantage of this opportunity and immediately drummed for the long run with a full tank. An explanation for why Schumacher was bobbing around at the end of the field most of the time. 'The car wasn't bad in the dry,' said Ross Brawn. 'But we didn't have a lot of time. After that we changed a little bit. We couldn't test that in qualifying. Tomorrow it should be much warmer. That brings another perspective.'

Mercedes left Play it safe with the long run like McLaren, so that you can better assess tire wear. Even if you have already made progress, the tires still seem to be a mystery. 'We had a few problems with the front axle,' says Brawn. 'Nico was very happy with the slicks.'

Rosberg at war with the intermediates

On the other hand, Rosberg was at war with the intermediates. In the second qualifying segment he did not manage to set a fast time at the beginning, when the rain got heavier he switched to rain tires, but was significantly slower and missed the passage in Q3 with 17th place. 'If I have intermediates on the car and Michael has made it, then I can do it too,' thought Rosberg. Schumacher delivered a 1.38.010, Rosberg did not get over 1.41.551.

Rosberg is optimistic

'We missed the temperature window in which the intermediates work,' explains Brawn. Rosberg initially wanted to raise new intermediates, but then there were radio problems and he stayed outside for a lap longer. There they had each otherConditions already changed. 'It was just too wet for the intermediates in the second half,' explains Brawn. 'It was frustrating that we didn't get the intermediates to work in the first half. That happened to many teams.'

Rosberg now has to start from 21st place due to an unscheduled gear change. That doesn't discourage the native of Wiesbaden at his home race. 'I am in good spirits and I am convinced that we can reach the points.' And even Schumacher is cautiously optimistic: 'Tomorrow we will certainly look better than at Silverstone, but we have to see whether that is good enough.'


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