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Mercedes does not want to rest: Wolff talks Ferrari strongly

Mercedes continues accelerating
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S since the GP Bahrain, Ferrari no longer sees a land against Mercedes. At that time, Kimi Raikkonen came within 3.380 seconds of winner Lewis Hamilton in the final sprint. But Ferrari had no chance in Spain, Monaco, Canada and most recently Austria.

The World Cup picture clearly reflects the balance of power. Hamilton already has a 49 point lead over the first Ferrari chaser Sebastian Vettel. In the constructors' championship, Mercedes is already 136 points behind its red rival. After victories it is seven to one.

Wolff draws comparisons to 2013

Nevertheless, the Mercedes managers always strike the same note after the dominant ideas. 'You have to be careful not to fall into complacency and lose the ground under your feet. You must not be careless. Otherwise there is a good chance that you will not develop further. That's why I want to keep the pressure in the kettle,' said team boss Toto Wolff the Austrian GP. 'If a team like Ferrari gives gas with all its resources, the day can come when you won't win any more.'

According to Wolff, the team urges peaks in Ferrari performance to be careful and humble . Like Kimi Raikkonen's endurance run on Friday afternoon in Austria, when the Finn was the fastest man on the slopes. Although they have a different approach at Mercedes and still have a few reserves for the race, Wolff warns: 'At Ferrari we always see mega-speed in various sessions. I see parallels to our 2013 season. We had back then also really good sessions. But not every cog has meshed with the other. '

Mercedes turns power down early

Ferrari's great resources and strong Friday endurance runs are one side of the coin. But those responsible for the Silver Arrows also like to talk strongly to Ferrari in order not to give the critics of the current Formula 1 any new food. Otherwise the calls for drastic rule changes will get louder and louder. The following statement by Wolff shows how dominant Mercedes is: 'We turned the engine down after 10 or 15 laps. That applies to both drivers. You have no other choice in this regard.' A slap in the face for the rest.

Wolff sees the strong pairing of drivers as a great bargaining chip. Probably the strongest in the field. 'That the twoPushing like this is only good for us. That takes us further as a team. Their performance keeps them setting the benchmark higher and higher. '

WM pressure does not yet matter

The Competition between Hamilton and Rosberg resulted in mistakes in Spielberg. In qualifying first Hamilton spun off the track, later Rosberg followed. In the race, Hamilton made a mistake first at the start, later at the pit exit. He crossed the white line and caught a five-second penalty .

'When you challenge each other as much as they do, things like that can happen,' says Wolff, who defends Hamilton. 'Both of them pushed hard. We saw that in Nicos Inlap when he came into the pits with the front tires standing. He could easily have overshot the target. If, like Lewis, you know you only have one chance to overtake your team-mate, then you have to take risks. This not only applies to the inlap, but also to the pit exit. The way it looked, Lewis broke the stern briefly. '

Wolff continues:' I don't think the two of them are already feeling the pressure of the World Cup. I just think that the small mistakes are the result of a fierce duel between Lewis and Nico. '

Rosberg the faster man

In Spielberg, Rosberg had the upper hand over his team-mate On Friday he was always the faster. On Saturday morning, Hamilton turned the picture in his favor. In qualifying, Rosberg seemed to be the stronger again. In Q1 and Q2 he lost Hamilton by 1.242 and 0.428 seconds, respectively. In Q3, Hamilton countered. 'Nico was The faster man over the entire weekend. Except for one lap in qualifying. He had understeer when it came down to it. Later he made the mistake on the last lap. '

In the final run, Rosberg had already made up two tenths behind his rival until he overdid it in the last corner of the track. In the race, the numbers spoke clearly for Rosberg. 67 to three laps in the lead. The fastest lap also went to him with 1: 11.235 to 1: 11.475 minutes.

Above all, Wolff emphasized the mental strength of his driver. 'We have had the situation many times that after a second place Nico was asked if that was the turning point and he is now number two on the team. I've always said that Nico is mentally very strong. Today he showed that with his strong speed. '

In the end, Wolff revealed that for a short time they thought about bringing Hamilton into the pits to serve the time penalty.' We were considering that drawn. If another safety car phase happens, he won't finish second, but sixth or seventh. After the experience in Monaco, we decided not to. '


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