Mercedes denies: No interest in poaching Vettel

Mercedes denies
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'With Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg we have exactly the drivers we want ', emphasized Haug.

Red Bull will not put any obstacles in Vettel's way

Red Bull's motorsport advisor Helmut Marko said in an interview with the' Kleine Zeitung 'that' definitely 'Mercedes is after Vettel. 'Knowing that Sebastian has a contract with us, Mercedes advertises massively for him,' said the Austrian. 'It is no secret that I have a good relationship with Sebastian - it is absolutely wrong to derive a poaching attempt from this,' Haug clarified.

'Sebastian Vettel will - like every top driver - sooner or later be there go where the best car and the best team give him the best chance of winning the title, 'said the Mercedes motorsport director about the youngest champion in the premier class. Owner Dietrich Mateschitz said several times that Red Bull does not want to put obstacles in the Heppenheimer's way if the team itself should not be able to build a victorious and title-ready car again.

There is currently a lot of speculation about a move from Vettel to Ferrari. Mateschitz himself had already admitted that it was Vettel's dream to 'drive for Ferrari'. On the subject, Marko said: 'As long as Fernando Alonso drives at Ferrari, Vettel will not do that to himself. And Alonso, including the option, may even drive there for three years.'


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