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Mercedes better than 2014: more points, but less lead

Mercedes better than 2014
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D he first 4 races are over. On 4 different routes. That already gives a good indication of where the season could go. Last year, after 4 races, the world championship status was largely the same as at the end of the season.

Mercedes was ahead of Red Bull. Ferrari and McLaren were fourth and fifth. Only Williams moved up from sixth to third place, which Force India surprisingly held after its brilliant start to the season a year ago. Force India slipped to 6th place by the end of 2014.

Does that mean that the 2015 World Cup has already been set in stone after the four overseas races? One can assume that the title race will amount to a duel between Mercedes and Ferrari. Nobody gets involved anymore. Even if Red Bull and Renault still wake up, it will be too late.

Williams only has to be afraid of that. From 5th place on, however, there could be postponements in the remaining 15 races. Much will depend on how quickly McLaren-Honda gets up to speed. And whether the B version of the Force India is really a wild card.

Mercedes has already lost

If we compare the world championships from last year and this year after 4 races, some of them fall Things up. Mercedes has 5 points more today, but is no longer that superior. The main reason it stands at 159: 154 is because Mercedes lost a car at the season opener last year. But 12 months ago nobody could have imagined that the Silver Arrows would ever lose a race. That already happened this year.

There is an opponent for Mercedes. Last year the runner-up had to look at Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg through binoculars. Red Bull had 57 points after four races. Ferrari is now much closer to the World Cup favorites with 107 points. This is also shown by the gaps in the race. We are comparing the GP China 2014 with the GP Bahrain 2015. Two races without a safety car. A year ago, Mercedes dropped the next best team by 23.6 seconds. In Bahrain it was only 3.3 seconds. Ferrari had visual contact.

The role of the pursuer was transferred from Red Bull to Ferrari. Red Bull is not even third because of Renault's engine trouble. Williams takes this place. The third placed is about the same distance from the top in terms of points and seconds. In 2014 Force India was third with 54 points. Now it's Williams with 61 points. Force India lost in China in 201454.2 seconds to the winner. For Williams it was 42.9 seconds last weekend in Bahrain.

The midfield continues to slide

As good as the duel between Mercedes and Ferrari is for the tension, the condition of Formula 1 behind Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull is just as worrying. The midfield has lost even more contact with the leaders. And that also has to do with the financial crisis. It is foreseeable what will happen in the medium term. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will continue to set themselves apart from the rest of the field. Williams will bob around lonely between the top and midfield until McLaren-Honda catches up there. The rest are struggling to survive.

Last year, Force India, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams were still relatively close together in places 3 to 6 with 54, 52, 43 and 36 points. And closer to the second-placed Red Bull with 57 points. If we pull Red Bull off because they'll definitely be able to take the curve with their development power, then from 5th place onwards there will be an emergency. Sauber has 19 points, Lotus and Toro Rosso each with 12, Force India 11. Incidentally, Toro Rosso is the only team besides Mercedes that was able to hold onto its place To you in the gallery.


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