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Mercedes application: Ferrari not to be punished retrospectively

Mercedes wants to understand the rule
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F errari has nothing to fear. Whatever went on between Marenello and his American satellite team in developing the 2016 car, it was blessed by the FIA. The competition has suspicions allegedly based on evidence. Accordingly, engineers worked for both teams and took information about the respective partner with them. Ferrari, so the allegation behind closed doors, has sneaked wind tunnel time in this way, which a team registered in the World Cup is not entitled to.

Mercedes and Force India want to react, but do not know how far they can go . Because it is not entirely clear how the world association stands on the subject. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff emphasizes that the request for clarity was not an attack on Ferrari. 'We haven't filed a lawsuit against a specific team. The purpose of the action is to understand the rules. You are a little vague on this point and we hope to get an answer from the Stewards. We don't want to enter uncharted territory.'

Mercedes wants the same information stand as Ferrari

In other words: Whatever Ferrari and Haas F1 have done, the damage to the competition is done. Mercedes fears that Ferrari will benefit aerodynamically from this in 2016, and Force India sees Haas F1 as a potential opponent in its first season thanks to the support from Maranello.

Apparently Ferrari and its US partners have an experience advantage in the explosive Question to what extent 2 teams are allowed to develop aerodynamics together. Wolff: 'We just want everyone to have the same level of information.'

The fact that the advance was made in Abu Dhabi is also based on the rules. Teams must submit their application to a race for a quick response. Mercedes had previously tried in vain to get an answer from the FIA ​​about what the competition had done or how the investigation result in the Ferrari case turned out. This is shown in a 17-page FIA ​​document with correspondence between Mercedes and the sports authorities.

Race director Charlie Whiting is only allowed to answer questions from a team to the questioner. The only exception: the request is rejected. If Ferrari and Haas F1 asked the right questions a year ago and got a positive answer, the competition won't know about it. Otherwise you would with theNose bump into a good idea.

Wolff fears an arms race for cooperation

That is why Mercedes technical director Paddy Lowe shot a group of issues with a load of shot in the hope of finding out the answers how far a team can go in development work and whether the suspicion against Ferrari is justified.

Depending on the answer, the applicants will react. 'We believe that what Ferrari and Haas F1 have done is legal. We are concerned with the future. The result could be that we would have to look for collaborations for the 2017 car,' says Wolff.

The Austrian warns that this practice could end in an extremely expensive arms race. 'Everyone will then try to team up with as many partner teams as possible and use a common infrastructure to get results faster.' Maybe the new partner of Mercedes will be called Force India.


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