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Mercedes a title candidate ?: British dream of Champion Hamilton

Is Mercedes a candidate for the title?
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I n England is the devil. Suddenly everyone on the island is talking about world champion Lewis Hamilton. After his first Mercedes victory, the 2008 champion looked like a changed man. Cranked instead of listless. Suddenly the private trouble with his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger seemed to be forgotten.

'I saw a flash in his eyes,' cheered Times editor Kevin Eason. 'That flash that he always shows when he sees his chance.' In fact, Hamilton dictated the sentence into the notebooks for the Fleetstreet reporters on Sunday evening: 'Yes, I still see a chance for the title.' on record: 'It's going to be a tough Sunday afternoon. I couldn't say I'm looking forward to it.' How quickly things can change.

Will Korea and India become the title wild cards for Vettel?

Bei All of a sudden, Mercedes noticed that the world title doesn't have to be a medium-term project. It could happen this year. Hamilton is 48 points short of Sebastian Vettel. Mercedes is 69 points behind Red Bull. With nine races still to go, everything is possible. If there are nine races. Rumors are growing that both the Korean GP and the Indian GP are shaking.

One for financial reasons, the other because the Indian state wants to cash in on the teams. Formula 1 is part of the entertainment industry in India. Therefore the entertainers have to pay taxes. Two races less would be a gift for Vettel and Red Bull. That robs the pursuers of two opportunities to gain points.

Mercedes title sooner rather than later

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn no longer excludes a title win. If Mercedes keep their tires in good condition at Spa and Monza, then Red Bull will have to dress warmly. The Silver Arrow is the faster car. Seven pole positions speak for themselves.

So far the Red Bull has been the better car. Because it had no weaknesses. Hot, cold, fast corners, slow corners: you always had to reckon with Sebastian Vettel. At Mercedes everything depended on the question: will the tires hold out? The victories at Silverstone and Budapest give reason to hope that most of the tire riddles have been solved.

Ross Brawn won't let this chance slip by. He isin business long enough to know that nothing should be left behind. Just like BMW in 2008, when they bet on 2009 instead of supporting Robert Kubica's small title chance with a development offensive.

Brawn confirmed to auto motor und sport that Mercedes will keep its pace of development high. Only when the deficit to Vettel and Red Bull becomes too great does the technical office rush to the 2014 project.

Rosberg could steal points from Hamilton

Red Bull has recognized the danger. There, Hamilton is already seen as a greater threat than Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. Because he usually starts before Vettel. Räikkönen and Alonso, on the other hand, always have to catch up in the race that their bad starting positions have caused them.

What speaks for Vettel is that he drives incredibly consistently. His worst result is 4th place. He also benefits from the fact that teammate Mark Webber rarely gets in his way. Like the 2011 model, the 2013 Red Bull is a Vettel car. Webber never crossed the finish line before Vettel. Nico Rosberg, on the other hand, has already stolen six points from Hamilton. If there is no stable direction at Mercedes, there could be more.


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