McLaren's World Cup hope: Hamilton needs a win

McLaren's World Cup hope
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J enson Button can laugh again. Second place at the German GP gives him the certainty that his McLaren can be a winning car again. 'The new parts worked well. It's now easier to get the tires into the work area and keep them there.' But there are still a few question marks. 'We are still unsure when it is wet. It depends on how wet it is. Depending on this, we may or may not get the tires into the work area. That is why I prefer it to stay dry in Hungary.'

McLaren speed is back

Lewis Hamilton posted a zero at Hockenheim, but his lap times give hope. Despite transmission problems and damage to the left diffuser side, it was able to keep up with the top trio at times. 'The speed is back. It's not the car.' Then he adds skeptically: 'We still have a problem understanding the tires in all conditions.'

McLaren has reduced the rate of tire degradation. But in the last five laps Buttons rear tires were much more worn compared to Vettel's. But they were only one lap older. Does that suggest McLaren still has a construction site here?

McLaren is attacking Alonso

Button shakes his head: 'If Alonso and Vettel had to drive my race, they would have had the same experience as me. I wanted to overtake Fernando. There you drive you are much more aggressive than when you have to defend your lead. Fernando was only quick where he had to be really quick. He could take care of his tires. '

If McLaren wants to have a say in the World Cup, then has to Hungaroring a victory. Otherwise the train has left. Lewis Hamilton already had to swallow two clear rounds. 'It was a serious setback for my title ambitions. Mainly because the man at the front always crosses the finish line and always scores.' Sports director Sam Michael hopes: 'With a win in Hungary we could increase the pressure on the top. At some point, Alonso must have a bad weekend too.'


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