McLaren: Update potential only half used

McLaren team boss Whitmarsh
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F errari has overtaken McLaren - that was the most important finding of qualifying from Hockenheim. On Sunday, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are only in the third row behind the two Red Bulls and the Ferrari. However, the pilots explain that the placement is not a major breakdown. Only the distance to the front surprised the two British world champions.

Top speed should help in the race

'I had a good lap. When I crossed the finish line, I would not have thought that I would be seven tenths behind pole position, 'shrugged Jenson Button. Nevertheless, the Englishman is confident about the race. McLaren flattened the wings in order to overtake on the straight with a good top speed.

'If you look at the top speed values, you can see that we are a little faster than the teams in front of us. That is not necessarily decisive for qualifying, but it can help in the race' explained Button. The tires and the start will also determine a good result. 'If we keep the tires alive, which can be an important factor in warmer temperatures on Sunday, then we should also be able to use our speed advantage. The first lap will of course also be important. You have to stay out of problems it just depends on the strategy. '

Update package does not work perfectly yet

Team boss Martin Whitmarsh is also combative after the defeat in qualifying. 'We have a good top speed. Of course not as much downforce as it would be optimal here. But our setup for the race gives us good opportunities to challenge the top teams.' Whitmarsh also admits that he would have liked to have seen his two pilots a little further ahead.

After the failure of Silverstone, the update package is still not working optimally in Hockenheim either. However, Friday's rain and Lewis Hamilton's accident slowed development. 'We shouldn't use the slip as an excuse for the performance in qualifying. We just weren't fast enough today,' admits Whitmarsh openly.

Blown diffuser works

However, the Briton also has positive insights. The blown diffuser, which is racing for the first time at McLaren in Hockenheim, is finally working. Not as good as atthe competition. 'In this regard, we only have half or even a little less of what is possible. We will benefit more from it with every race.'

Whitmarsh is certain that the blown diffuser still has a lot of potential . 'Once the system has been made to work, the aerodynamicists can work on all the details: the underbody, the exhaust and how it all works with the tires. We leave this weekend with a lot of information.'

One second faster every four races

The team boss continues to announce a high development speed. 'If you want to be world champion, you have to develop the car in every race. We have to find each race about 0.25 seconds, so every four races are one second faster.'

In development, copying is now part of the business. The competition has copied the F-slot at McLaren. For this, McLaren is now copying the blown diffuser. There are also interesting solutions at Ferrari. 'We discovered a few other things on your car that we are currently looking at. You developed the blown diffuser, but it is not the answer to all questions. You have other features on the car that are interesting. We will look at them contact us and then decide what we can do. '


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