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McLaren shoots at Honda: The weak point is the electric power

McLaren shoots Honda
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H onda had announced his engine upgrade in Spa with cocky words . The Japanese declared, quite un-Japanese and immodest, that their modifications in the cylinder head would bring them to Ferrari level. The embarrassing performance at the Belgian GP did not speak for it.

Before the high-speed race in Monza, engine manager Yasuhisa Arai was quoted as saying that the Honda engine had 25 hp more than the Renault V6 turbo. 'That was put in my mouth,' Arai defended himself. 'I'm just saying that our performance deficit is not as big as it is being made.' Team boss Eric Boullier stepped in somewhat reluctantly. 'As a partner of Honda, I have to confirm that.'

The McLaren press conference after the final training session for the Italian GP resulted in the execution of Honda. And there is much to suggest that the performance was staged and that many of the questioners were ordered. Arai could barely defend himself in his poor English. But he admitted: 'We have a problem with the delivery of electrical power.' Neither he nor the drivers wanted to reveal any details.

Is the generator too small?

The fact is that the McLaren lost 2.7 seconds to Lewis Hamilton's pole position. According to internal calculations, three tenths of this goes on the curves and 2.4 seconds on the straight. The top speed difference alone doesn't say much. The McLaren lost around 11 km /h to Force India at the end of the home straight. This is not the world.

The speed measurements in three other places are more meaningful. Before the Roggia chicane, McLaren-Honda lost 16 km /h on the fastest. The measuring point at the Ascari chicane shows a difference of 17 km /h. Obviously, the MGU-K does not charge enough energy into the battery at the braking points. The Honda V6 Turbo ran out of air on the second straight. Then 162 HP are missing on the second part of the straight. Reason: The generator is said to be too small.

McLaren disappointed with Honda's development speed

On the outside, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button are calm. But internally, the two ex-world champions are clearer. You agree with the team management that the pace of development at Honda is disappointingly slow. And that there are still too many small defects that do not allow normal racing. None of the McLaren drivers made the first qualification hurdle.The Manor were only 1.7 seconds slower.

Arai praises improvement: 'The direction is right, the results unfortunately not. We know our weak point, will use our remaining tokens before the end of the season and have already started with the development the 2016 drive unit started. ' Button urged prudence. 'We knew that Spoa and Monza were our worst tracks. That is why we have these discussions now. If we should be fifth and sixth in Singapore, everything will calm down again. I see improvements in the engine, but I don't dare say how long the catch-up process will take. '

When the drivers were asked whether they still had confidence in the engine partner, Button answered. 'If it weren't for that, we wouldn't be sitting here.' 'Alonso said sullenly,' With this technology, there is no magic key. ' When Boullier was confronted with the comparison to Red Bull, which Renault would rather leave today than tomorrow, the Frenchman replied: 'We don't ask this question. The other team is a preferred customer. We are the Honda factory team.' /p>


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