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McLaren: Pirelli tire test in Aragon instead of Austin?

McLaren has to reschedule
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T he idea came from Pirelli. The Italian tire manufacturer wrote to all teams asking if they would be interested in a tire test on October 20th and 21st in Austin. McLaren immediately agreed. Everyone else refused. When Pirelli then informed the teams that McLaren wanted to run the test, resistance arose from the competition.

They sensed an advantage for McLaren because the US GP is taking place in Austin just three weeks later. McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh thinks these worries are unfounded: 'We are driving the 2011 car 2014 tires and we immediately agreed not to use our racing drivers in this test. So that one of the other teams cannot interpret an advantage for us. '

FIA legal department has concerns

The test was finally canceled by the FIA. But that has nothing to do with the protests of the other teams. The reason was concerns from the legal department. In principle, the test would be legal. He meets the requirements of the sports law. The problem is the contract between Pirelli and the FIA.

It says that Pirelli must guarantee all teams the same conditions. The FIA ​​attorneys were concerned that a test three weeks before the Grand Prix could legally be seen as an advantage. In addition, McLaren was able to accept so quickly because the MP4-26 from 2011 was already booked for a demo drive in the USA. A competing team could have seen that as an unfair advantage.

Barcelona, ​​Paul Ricard or Aragon?

McLaren and Pirelli are now looking for a replacement location. Pirelli doesn't like Jerez because the tarmac is too aggressive and you don't learn too much about the tires. 'In Barcelona and Paul Ricard it may already be too cold at the end of October. Pirelli wants to test in warmer temperatures. That is more informative for tire development,' explains Whitmarsh.

Looking for a suitable race track south of Barcelona McLaren and Pirelli have struck gold. Whitmarsh confirms that they are considering holding the tire test in Aragon. The 14th round of MotoGP took place there last weekend.


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