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McLaren-Mercedes: Recourse to old aero package is discussed

McLaren-Mercedes at the British GP
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E Actually, the new aerodynamic package from McLaren should not be released until Hockenheim debut. But in Woking night was turned into day to get the B-Version for Silverstone strong. The changes include the front wing, engine cover, diffuser and exhaust. Following the example of Red Bull, McLaren is now blowing the exhaust gases on and into the diffuser. A delicate matter that can also become an own goal if you couldn't test sufficiently beforehand

Hamilton was 1.5 seconds short of Webber

The morning practice started with second place from Lewis Hamilton very promising. The Englishman was only 0.334 seconds short of Sebastian Vettel's fastest time. In the afternoon it turned out to be sticky. Hamilton was 1.553 seconds short of the fastest in training, Mark Webber. Jenson Button was 1.966 seconds behind.

Hamilton landed off the track a total of seven times. Especially with turn 11, the entrance to the new section of the route, Hamilton was at war. The world championship leader complained about downforce fluctuations in the full throttle curve. Button confirmed: 'The rear felt unstable, especially when braking. With a lot of gasoline in the tank, the car seems to be on the right track. It's much more difficult with a light car. That gives us a few worries for qualifying.'>

Night shift at McLaren

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh confirmed the problems: 'We haven't got the new package under control yet and are currently researching what part of it the new route, the changes to the car or the set-up. The bumps in the new section of the track were quite unexpected for us and they make the difficulties even worse. In addition, some components in the rear have gotten quite hot. '

For the McLaren -Engineers and mechanics have a long night shift ahead of them. 'We now have to analyze the data and investigate the cause,' says Whitmarsh. 'If we come to the conclusion that we are better off with the tried and tested aerodynamic configuration, then we will restore the car to the old state for Saturday.'


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