McLaren in crisis: New car not yet understood

McLaren in crisis
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M cLaren took a great risk in winter. The new MP4-28 doesn't have much in common with its predecessor. The engineers in Woking broke new ground at several important points. In particular, the new front axle with pull rod suspension, which otherwise only Ferrari has on the car, still holds some secrets.

'We expected that we would have to learn a lot. But we had actually hoped that we understood everything as far as Australia, 'explained a visibly contrite Martin Whitmarsh after training in Albert Park. 'Unfortunately that is not the case. We still have to understand how the car and the tires work and how we can get the best out of it.'

McLaren only in midfield

McLaren Fans need to worry. Whitmarsh described the start of the Australian weekend as 'one of the most difficult days of his Formula 1 career'. The two drivers were far from best times. Jenson Button and Sergio Perez didn't even finish in the top ten, more than two seconds behind.

'We don't have grip and not enough speed,' admitted Whitmarsh. The two pilots also struggled with understeer. The two chrome arrows have been extensively rebuilt several times. But the knot did not open. 'Unfortunately we haven't made any progress all day.'

McLaren won't give up. Whitmarsh is practicing slogans to hold out. 'We have collected a lot of data. It will be a long time. We have to analyze everything and think about how we can get faster. I hope that we can see an improvement tomorrow,' said the team boss.

With the tight schedule at the start of the season, McLaren can't take much time troubleshooting. Otherwise the World Cup train threatens to leave without the chrome arrows. 'It was a tough day for the team, but the season is still long. We'll be on the gas until November,' Whitmarsh promised the fans.


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