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McLaren continues to believe in progress: & # 34; Half a second behind Mercedes & # 34;

McLaren continues to believe in progress
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F ernando Alonso was 2.576 seconds short of the best time. For Jenson Button it was 3.041 seconds. The McLaren drivers finished 15th and 17th on the first day of practice for the British GP. Surrounded by Sauber and Manor. The fastest Manor pilot was just 1.093 seconds behind Button. The distance to the end of the field is smaller than to the front.

An interview by Ron Dennis in the English daily newspaper Independant is almost humorous. The McLaren boss spoke of one of the best McLaren teams of all time, and of the fact that we are constantly making progress and are thus on the path to our stated goal: To win races and world championships again.

Honda drives with ancient engines

If you look at the results, McLaren seems to have been running backwards for two races. Team leader and driver blamed it on the characteristics of the track. Montreal and Spielberg are power routes. In Siverstone, the interrupted upward trend should continue again. But the first day of training seemed to confirm the picture from Canada and Austria. Although both drivers were short-nosed with the new aerodynamics package at Silverstone.

Honda took all the blame on itself. Ancient engines were built into the two cars. 'Vintage Racing,' quipped one of the Honda engineers. One of the engines was Bahrain, the other Spain. So 100 hp behind the route. The last ones in the contingent that are still running. The two power sources used in Austria had to be sorted out. In Alonso's crash with Kimi Raikkonen, the valve cover broke. The sensor problem in Button's drive source sent the brand new engine to the eternal hunting ground.

McLaren did not want to include new engines. To avoid penalties at home. And because Honda may already bring an upgrade with the use of tokens at the Hungarian GP. This time the Japanese revised the internal combustion engine. The turbochargers are also being modified again. The larger loaders that made their debut in Canada did more, but only to a modest extent.

Only button gets Upgrade from upgrade

The timing of the racing premiere of the new Honda engine depends on whether the Formula 1 Commission and the FIA ​​World Council approve the strategy group's proposal that Honda be inmay use five engines this year without penalty. Since the Japanese had already used their fifth engine and received a fine for it, the sixth engine would be free. If Honda could pull the joker immediately, it would be done in Hungary. If the proposal is rejected, Honda's engine revision will not come until Spa. Because McLaren expects less chances there than in Budapest.

Meanwhile, McLaren wants to bring its MP4-30 up to scratch. The engineers were satisfied with the chassis progress. You have calculated that the power deficit at Silverstone costs two seconds. A couple of tenths are added because the tire temperatures remain in the basement due to the modest speeds. 'We believe that we will lose half a second to Mercedes on the chassis,' asserts team boss Eric Boullier.

The McLaren drivers had to skimp on kilometers on Friday because of the aged engines in the rear. Alonso drove 31 laps and Button 26 laps. Therefore, McLaren postponed the test of the second stage of the Austria upgrade to Saturday. Only Button got the new parts: the lightweight chassis, the further development of the front wing, the new game and side box wings.


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