McLaren confirms Jenson Button

McLaren confirms Jenson Button
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E a week before the Japanese GP, the English daily newspapers already had theirs Resignation announced. In the case of Jenson Button: the dead live longer. The 35-year-old Englishman put off the media representatives of the Fleetstreet press in Suzuka that they would have to wait a little longer for his decision. And then McLaren boss Ron Dennis anticipated it in a TV interview. McLaren-Honda will also drive with Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in 2016.

Despite the disappointing season, Button has another year on his long career, which began in the 2000 season at Williams-BMW. It will be his 17th season. The GP Singapore 2016 will have a very special anniversary. Button will hit 300 GP starts. So far, only Rubens Barrichello (323) and Michael Schumacher (307) have broken through.

Button stays with McLaren on old terms

Actually, Button always wanted to fulfill his two-year contract with McLaren. Despite the recent disappointments, the Englishman believes in the McLaren-Honda project, even though he had to admit more and more recently that it was difficult to motivate himself to place in midfield. “I've been thinking a lot over the past month and it's no secret that I was ambivalent about my future. Ron Dennis and I had some good conversations over the past few weeks and it became clear to me that Ron is determined to lead our team through this difficult period. That gave me the confidence to continue this partnership. ”

It is not mentioned that McLaren and Button had disagreements in recent weeks about the salary of the 2009 World Champion, which according to the contract should increase in the second year. They are apparently eliminated in the sense of Button. Ron Dennis specified: “Jenson's contract runs for two years. There was an option for McLaren to end that contract after a year. But after many conversations with Jenson, I noticed how enthusiastic and determined he still is. Thus this option became irrelevant. That's why Jenson will drive for McLaren-Honda next year, under the terms and conditions set out in the original two-year contract. '

Will McLaren secure itself for Alonso's departure?

Button's contract extension is a heavy blow for Kevin Magnussen, who is currently without a cockpit. Since the Dane atHaasF1 didn’t get a chance, the only hope left is that the teams will be asked to start three cars next year. That would be a stopgap if Red Bull and ToroRosso should withdraw. Stoffel Vandoorne also has no place in the field at the moment. The prospective GP2 champion could only be bought from Manor-Mercedes to complete a year of training there.

Some also believe that Ron Dennis will secure himself with all his experience by holding on to Button with all his experience wanted Fernando Alonso to run away from him after all. After the harsh radio messages from the Spaniard last weekend at the Japanese GP, doubts arise again as to whether Alonso will have the patience to fulfill his mission at McLaren-Honda until the end of his contract in 2017.

Dennis commented on the frustration-driven statements of the Ex-world champion that the car and engine felt like a GP2 was quite critical in the English media. He accused his driver of being unprofessional. As the rest of the season's program for McLaren-Honda doesn't see much improvement, the conflict between McLaren and his star driver could break out further. It wouldn't be the first time Alonso had prematurely terminated a contract with McLaren


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