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McLaren celebrates resurrection: screwdriver with new boxing record

McLaren celebrates resurrection
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L ewis Hamilton won the last US Grand Prix in Indianapolis, and he won the first of the new era in Austin. It was a perfect race for fourth place in the World Championship. The 56 laps on the Circuit of the Americas gave the McLaren driver a single chance to overtake Sebastian Vettel, and he took advantage of it ice cold. Thanks to DRS, thanks to KERS, thanks to maximum engine speed.

McLaren stands in its own way

'Vettel and I were about the same speed, but I got through traffic a little faster,' said the first Austin Winner record. McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh analyzed: 'Vettel is perfect when he is supposed to control a race from the front. But Lewis is better in direct duels.'

McLaren has been on form again since Abu Dhabi, which she made World Cup favorites between Hockenheim and Singapore. But then the troops from Woking lost the thread. From Japan, Korea and India they only brought 45 points. For comparison: Red Bull scored 110 points, Ferrari 71 points in the same period. Defects cost Hamilton the title chance. A gearbox damage stole the victory in Singapore, a wrongly tuned rear axle in Suzuka, a broken stabilizer in Yeongam and problems with the soft tires on the Buddh International Circuit, at least a podium finish. We should have easily become world champions this year, but we stood in our own way. ' Whitmarsh sighs: 'In Singapore and Abu Dhabi we gave away wins carelessly.'

Record pit stop with front wing adjustment

In Austin, McLaren packed a new front wing out. It differed significantly from its predecessors in the main leaf, the end plates and the upper level. The wing brought a noticeable gain in downforce on the front axle, and it guarantees a better flow of air to the underbody, which also benefits the contact pressure in the rear. Hamilton praised: 'That way I can fight Red Bull again.' Ferrari is not an opponent for McLaren at the moment.

The duel between Vettel and Hamilton ended practically in a draw. The Red Bull had a slight advantage on the medium tires and the McLaren on the hard compound. 'We brought Lewis in for the pit stop a little earlier because we were worried about his tires,' explains Whitmarsh. The stop on lap 20 was a new record: 2.39 seconds for four tires and oneFront wing adjustment.

Whitmarsh reveals: 'We are half a hole down the front with Lewis.' With this McLaren countered a slight tendency to oversteer. The flow to the rear wing was better thanks to the flatter flap. The winner only had one problem. 'The brake wear was higher than expected. Lewis didn't have to slow down because of that, but it was close,' admits sporting director Sam Michael.

Button is Austin overtaking king

Nevertheless, the 2009 world champion earned a lot of praise from the team management: 'Nobody overtook better than Jenson. He caught almost everyone in the first corner. We should have can leave him out two laps longer with his first set of tires, but we had to get him out before Grosjean. '

Button was Austin's overtaking king with nine real position changes. 'A great achievement by Jenson,' applauded Whitmarsh. 'He drove for the majority of the first stint with a brake plate that he got himself on the first corner.'


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