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McLaren boss Whitmarsh: & # 34; Button will offer Hamilton help & # 34;

McLaren team boss Whitmarsh
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I n Korea two pilots said goodbye to the title fight. For Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel, the dream of the World Cup is only theoretical. In order to catch up on Fernando Alonso, McLaren and Red Bull can no longer allow Button and Vettel to steal points from their better placed teammates.

While Red Bull is still making statements , the decision has already been made at McLaren. 'With us the tactics are obvious,' explained team boss Martin Whitmarsh to auto-motor-und-sport.de. 'We don't really have to say anything to our drivers. Jenson will volunteer his help to Lewis. Because he knows that we have treated him fairly all year round. And because he knows that only a miracle can save him.'

Button twice ahead of Hamilton

Should Button suddenly appear in front of Hamilton in the race in Brazil, the spectators shouldn't be surprised if the order changes without a fight. This situation has already occurred twice in the current season. In China Button won directly ahead of Hamilton, in Japan the two finished fourth and fifth. The world champion 'stole' a total of nine points from his teammate, which Hamilton could now use in the fight for the title.

At Ferrari, they reacted faster than the competition. After Felipe Massa crossed the finish line twice in front of Fernando Alonso at the beginning of the season in Australia and Turkey and stole five points from the Spaniard, they reacted before the summer break. The stable management affair broke out in Hockenheim when the command post asked Massa to move.

Vettel stole 24 points from Webber

Red Bull cannot afford any more Giving away points. After his crash in Korea, Mark Webber is the best-placed bull, eleven points behind Alonso. Although Vettel did not want to write off the World Championship after his engine failure, he only has a real chance if teammate Webber does not drive directly behind him. Once again Red Bull will not stand idly by: Vettel has already crossed the finish line four times directly in front of the second Red Bull (Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Japan). Webber failed a total of 24 points.


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